Party with Winnie the Pooh and Friends in Hundred Acre Woods

by Gail Leino - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 332 Share This!

When Eyore and Winnie the Pooh get together with Tigger in the 100 acre woods things as ordinary as a blustery day are extraordinary. A. A. Miles' timeless children's tales are as popular today as when they were penned generations ago.

A Winnie the Pooh birthday theme party is a sure bet to delight all who attend. Paper party goods depicting the pudgy and yellow main character of the classic book series will be immediately recognized by everyone and for those young children who've never seen a Winnie the Pooh book they will instantly grow attached to the fuzzy plushable Pooh.

You can easily find birthday plates with each of the A.A. Miles' characters featured in full color on the front. They are a delight to look at and quickly catch children's eyes. By way the make great holders for the tasty food you set on the buffet table. Try making up some Winnie the Pooh cookies. A little bright red icing can make a frosted shirt on the Pooh bear in seconds. If your child loves Eyore make up a delicious carrot cake with chocolate frosting and remind them that Eyore eats carrots too. Any frosting that gets away from your guests can be wiped up with a Winnie the Pooh napkin or two. There are also Winnie tablecloths available to accent this look.

There are lots of party favors and accessories available to make your party a more 'characteristic' one for the kids and adults. You can find cute animal headbands to place into goodie bags for your party. Have the kids wear headbands and become one of the hundred acres woods inhabitants or just throw in a feather boa for them to wear for fun.

You can have floating accents in the form of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Mylar balloons. What better toy for the kids to play with than a fun balloon. You can also pick up some simple blow up balloons in yellow and red to match Pooh Bear's colors.

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