A Pirate Birthday Party - Grub and Swag for Me Buckos

by Kymberlyn Steel-Fannin - Date: 2007-05-23 - Word Count: 336 Share This!

Pillaging and plundering is what me lad likes best. 'Twas no surprise he asked to have a swashbuckling birthday bash. Aye, a buckaneer's birthday bash is jist what the Cap'n had in order. But alas, what would I serve me hearties?

Raft Rounder Sandwiches
4 ounces herbed cream cheese

1 teaspoon mayonnaise

4 large tortilla

4 large, thin slices of ham

4 large, thin slices of Swiss cheese

1 large tomato, thinly sliced

cup of shredded lettuce

8 slices of American cheese divided on the diagonal half


1. Mix cream cheese and mayo together in a small bowl. Divide into 4 equal spoonfuls and spread evenly onto the tortillas.

2. Layer ham, Swiss cheese, and tomato on the top of the cream cheese mixture. Leave uncovered 2 inches at one end of each tortilla.

3. Roll tortillas tightly. Cover securely with plastic wrap and refrigerate for hour or more.

4.Cover serving dish with shredded lettuce. Situate the lettuce to look like waves. Unwrap tortillas and using a sharp knife cut off ends and discard. Slice remaining tortilla into 4 equal lengths. Place rolled tortilla pieces on top of lettuce. Top each tortilla raft with a cheese sail on a toothpick mass.

Fruit on a Cutlass with Seashell Dip




Star Fruit

Vanilla Yogurt

Cocktail swords

Clam shells (purchased from a craft store)

Make sure to thoroughly wash all of your fruit and of course the clam shells. Cut fruit as necessary into serving size pieces which may be placed on a cocktail sword. Place 3-5 swords on a plate with a clam shell containing a yogurt.

Deep Blue Sea Punch
1 can of concentrated lemonade

1 liter of strawberry flavored seltzer water

Star Fruit

Blue food coloring

Cocktail Swords

Prepare concentrated lemonade substituting three cans of seltzer for the recommended three cans water. Add several drops of blue food coloring until the mixture is a deep blue color. Serve in clear plastic cups with star fruit that has been skewered with a cocktail sword.

Now tell yer crew dinner be served.

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Me thinks this grub will go far when it comes to satisfying yer crew. But if yer in need other idears visit me at A Birthday Bash For Me Buckos. Til then, fairwinds be to you!

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