What Are The Results If You Don't Hear Your Child!

by Lauren Care - Date: 2010-09-26 - Word Count: 519 Share This!

There are several parents who can not overcome their troubles with their teenage son or daughter. If there is any chance you end up being that parent, do not worry, the remainder of this article will assist you out big time.

First we will discuss about the major problem between parents and kids or teengaers. Next we are going to talk about some examples taken from real life that will help you better understand everything. Finally we will discuss a very common environment for teens - school.

We are all well aware of what is happening when our kids hit puberty and enter adolescence. At this point most of the problems begin. The job of a responsible parent is getting very hard. The first caused problem is that communication between the teenager and the parent shuts down. This has already happened once you notice you've lost communication with your teenager. The parent tries to maintain control, and the teenager hates being a string-puppet. There is only one way that you can have a good role in your teen's life. That is by letting go of the need for control in the first place. We are all well aware that the command and control tactic isn't that effective with teenagers anyways. Good parenting is mainly about being able to control your own behavior.

My first experience with this kind of problems was when I lost communication with my son. That was the start of my new career. The conversation was pretty simple, but for the first time we both listened and talked. That conversation gave me a new look at adolescence, and gave him a peek in the parenting world. If you want to be able to have those kinds of talks with your son or daughter, then I suggest you start asking questions and listening to what they have to say. This method is the only way to find out what is really happening. There are several fields in which you can solve your teen troubles. They might be performance in class, job choices or something similar. Next thing that I didn't expect was my discovery of coaching models to coach teens. A very well noted advice there was to always hold the teenager accountable for his or her actions.

Most troubles that a teenager might be having are related to their school. That can range from having problems understanding the study books or having troubles with the other children. You should concentrate way more on listening then on talking. One thing that you must do is to resist the need to be right all the time. You can just jump and say your opinion, but then the adolescent won't be talking to you anymore. Gathering the necessary information to get the full picture is very important.Asking as many questions as you can, without invading the teenager's nerves is your best resource. If you want your teenager to trust you give him some responsibility. Hold them accountable for some things. Gaining the trust can sometimes be a pain in the butt. But if you overcome that step, the rest is piece of cake..

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