Every Home Should Have A Radiant Barrier

by Duncan Dan - Date: 2010-10-20 - Word Count: 556 Share This!

The most easy and successful home improvement project you can do to your House, would be to install a radiant barrier in the attic of your house. I live in the Austin area, so speaking out of experience, Discovering a radiant barrier company was a difficult Job. I had to run through the phone book four or five times until I was able to find the appropriate service provider at the right cost to install a radiant barrier in my home's attic. After having the radiant barrier installed though, it was definitely worth it. I am spending about 30% fewer on my energy bills every month, and saving money to aid on other things such as the extra notebook I recently bought.

For those who don't know what a radiant barrier is, please Let me to explain. A radiant barrier is either a spray-on or foil type product that goes on the underside of the attic. What a radiant barrier does, is it blocks out the radiant heat that would otherwise collect in the attic. This trapped heat causes your air conditioner to run twice as hard than it should have to, attempting to force the cold air through the warm air in the attic area. In the summertime, especially in Texas when it is about 100 degrees outside, the attic space can get around 140 to 150 degrees with no a radiant barrier. With a radiant barrier installed in your house, you can expect to save upto 37% on your monthly energy consumption, plummeting your cooling expenses, and saving you money.

This is merely one of many trouble-free home improvement projects you can do to your home to make your house more energy efficient. Installing a radiant barrier in your home has turn out to be the fastest growing, most trendy home improvement project in the past few years. The growth of the radiant barrier has more than doubled in the past year. People, and homeowners especially are becoming more aware of the natural environment they live in, and how to save money while reducing their impression on the planet. We all leave carbon footprints, but if we can reduce those to a minor fraction, our planet could be a safer place. A radiant barrier in your home's attic is one way to reduce that effect.

The finest way to go about discovering a radiant barrier installer is to appoint one day aside in the week. Take it off of work, school, or whatever else you would ordinarily do. Search through the phonebook, internet, newspaper and any other advertisements you can get your hands on, calling radiant barrier contractors in your area. In nearly all cases, they will go out to your house to give you a free of charge estimate. Use the calendar day you've taken off to use as a useful appointment day. Most appointments won't last longer than 45 minutes. So you can fit up 1 contractor every hour of the day. By the close of the day, you will have gathered just about 6 or 7 estimates, and know who is finest fit to do the radiant barrier in your attic.

I hope this Article helps all those looking to install a radiant barrier in their home. Keep in touch with my articles on here to hear more money saving advice from Green Home Improvements.

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