Types of Shower Doors

by Angela Oliver - Date: 2007-03-13 - Word Count: 327 Share This!

Shower doors are a great way to enhance the bathroom. There are several types of shower doors styles that can be incorporated into a bathroom design. Here is a look at several styles and how they can work in different bathroom types.

Single Door. The single door design consists of just one door encased by framing walls on either side. The single door design provides a compact separate showering unit when there is a bath tub that will not function as a shower.

Door and Panel. Door and panel design is used for larger separate showering units. A panel and door are paired together to provide one access point for the shower, and allow for additional space for seating.

Sliding Door. The sliding door design can be used both with a large shower unit, or a shower bath tub combination unit. Sliding doors allow the shower to be accessed from different points, however this restricts the ability for seating arrangements, and thus is preferred to be used with a shower and bathtub combination.

Corner. A corner unit design is used for small spaces, or to add depth to the bathroom. The corner design extends out from preexisting walls with a varying number of panels depending on design. Corner designs can either be open air or extend from floor to ceiling.

Neo Angle. Neo angle design is similar to corner design, but provides additional space with creative architecture. Panels and doors are placed at extended angles protruding from the preexisting walls.

All different types of shower doors can be constructed with either framed or frameless design depending on preference and bathroom design. Shower door design and customization has paved to way for shower enclosures that provide the optimum levels of functionality and beauty.

Angela Oliver is a contributing author for ShowerDoorExperts.com, specializing in custom shower door installation in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area. Please visit the site and view the portfolio for more information about types of shower doors.

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