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Give a descriptive name to each of your concept in the paper. Adhere using terms like "our approach", and also try to avoid acronyms as much as possible. If you are unable to think of a good name, then likely you don't understand the concept behind it. Think harder and deeply to determine it's most important or salient features.

Use your terms precisely and in a consistent manner. Avoid "elegant variations" that uses different terms for the same concept that is being highlighted, to emphasize different aspects of the concept or to avoid boredom on the part of the reader. While it will be appropriate to have elegant variations in novels or some essays, however, it is not at all acceptable in technical research writing, where you should always define the terms when they are being introduced the first time and then use them consistently. The reader of a technical research paper expects that the use of different term will flag a different meaning; you will however end up confusing the reader and muddle your own point if you switch the wording gratuitously.

Don't use single terms to refer to multiple concepts that are being highlighted in your paper. If you are using the term "technique" for every idea that you have used in your paper, then readers might get confused as to what was the difference between the numbers of techniques used by you. This is a place where the use of synonyms distinguish the concepts that are unrelated (from the point that you are conveying through your paper) is acceptable.

While presenting a list, try to be consistent in how you introduce each of the elements, or either you can use special formatting to make it stand out or else you may even state the size of the list. Don't go on writing like, "There are several ways that portray that I am smart. I am very intelligent. Secondly, I am a bright and clever person. Finally, I am brilliant in all that I do." Instead you may write in a way that is pleasing and good to hear, "There are four reasons for me being smart. First, I am intelligent. Second, I am clever. Third, I am bright. Fourth, I am brilliant. Especially in the case where the points are prolonged, this makes the argument much easier to be followed.|

Choose good names not just for the concepts that you are presenting in your paper, but also for the document source file. After the conference, don't name the file which you are going to submit or the year. In case the paper has been accepted, such a name would never tell you what the paper was about when you look through the source files in the later years. Instead, give a name to the paper that reflects the content that is in it.

A piece of advice that is specific to the computer science (and in particular, software engineering): do not however, use the vague, or a nontechnical term such as "bug". Instead, it would be preferable to use one of the standard terms fault, failure or an error.

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