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Students often tend to put off a written assignment, considering it to be a chore too formidable to over tune until the last minute. As a result their results inevitably suffer. Writing is not at all a talent that is reserved for just a few people; instead, it is a skill that can be learned by anyone. The most essential things to do to learn the skill of writing is to learn planning and organization of the information appropriately. Having the knowledge of these points, the students can make through by putting in their efforts and by practicing to improve their writing abilities. Below is suggested a guide that helps you organize your writing. Use these outlines to write the class assignments, essay tests and your term papers. While you make use of these steps you will realize how it makes your writing better and eventually leads to better results.

1. Introduction - Opening Paragraph

a. Always begin with a general statement giving the general intent of study highlighting the aim or the purpose of the study.

b. Narrow it down in an organized manner up to the controlling idea (for the thesis statement) giving a little over view of the controlling idea so that the reader gets an idea what he/she is about to read.

2. Body - Three Developing Paragraphs

In each paragraph:

a. Use appropriate transitions (repetition of any keywords and ideas that you have) to connect the paragraphs to each other in a well organized manner without putting in any information that is irrelevant.

b. Develop the sentence that you are using as your topic with details, definitions, comparisons, illustrations, and contrasts to make it clear and effective.

c. Always conclude each of your paragraphs with a summary of the main ideas as it gives an indication of better understanding of the writer.

d. Try to use active words in your writing as it makes your statements sound even better and strong. It is always important to use a proper tone while writing your paper as it shows your professionalism and also tells the reader that you have done appropriate research regarding the writing process of your term paper.

3. Conclusion - Finishing Paragraph

a. Restate the thesis statement and justify your results with the appropriate findings of the study.

b. End with a general statement that finalizes your discussion and summarizes all your points and ideas supporting your thesis statement.

This is the proper way of writing a paper. These steps are to be followed in order to get a good writing done for you. It is very important to write according to the format and have a perfect style of representing your ideas properly. It is not just the content that matters but the format and style of your paper is an important aspect that gets you ahead of others in the competition. Once you make use of these tips you will find yourself to be one of those getting the highest marks in your class.

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