Getting a Feedback of Your Term Paper is Important!

by Eric Mosby - Date: 2010-11-08 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

Get the feedback of your work! Finish your paper, having written it well in advance, so that you have time to improve your writing. Even re-reading the text after being away from it can show you the things that you might have not noticed. An outside reader can tell you or guide you better in this case.

When the readers tend to misunderstand your paper that is almost always the fault of the author itself! Even if you think that the referees missed out a point, you would learn how your work can be misinterpreted, and by eliminating those ambiguities you would actually improve the writing of your paper.

Always be considerate to your reviewers, who are taking out time and spending it to help you. Following are several ways to do that.

While submitting to the conferences, do not waste anybody's time if there are major flaws. Ask someone else to read the paper that is written by you to learn something new and to learn something that you don't know. Also, to be aware of the serious problems, or to be aware of the problems that are in a specific part of the paper and you fail to identify them.

It is efficient to get the feedback in a sequence rather than getting it parallel. Instead of asking 3 different people to read the same version of your paper, ask one specific person to read your paper, and then make corrections to it before asking the next person to read, and so on. As asking different people to go through the paper at the same time may confuse you as to what exactly you should correct to make your paper better. This also prevents you from getting the same comments again and again - subsequent readers can however give you new and different feedback rather than repeating a point that you actually knew. If you are asking multiple reviewers to review your paper at once, your de-valuing their time very well as you is indicating that you don't mind them wasting their time if they say something that you already know. You may go ahead asking multiple reviewers something that you are not confident about of their judgment or if you are confident enough that your paper is already in good shape; in either of the cases, unlikely there will be major issues that every reviewer might stumble over.

Be generous with your time when your colleagues need any comments on their papers: you should help them, you will learn to avoid or emulate, and then your colleagues would be more willing to review your writing.

You may have anyone around you read your paper but make sure that person knows well about term paper writing or is a good writer him/herself so that there are less chances of making your paper worse than before. It is always good to take help from others as this is a good way of correcting yourself so make sure to finish your paper in advance so that you have enough time to discuss it with an experienced person.

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