Free Gasoline Is Far Better Than Cheap Gasoline

by Michael Littles - Date: 2008-06-12 - Word Count: 454 Share This!

Most of us are looking for cheap gasoline instead of looking for free gasoline sources which is a big mistake. Instead of shopping for gas stations that may sell gas at a penny less than the competition point your nose in a broader direction.

The high fuel prices have triggered an enormous surge in free gasoline marketing and promotions that companies are now using to entice people to use their products or services. They are offering free gasoline if you'll just walk through their door in some instances.

The next time you are looking a gift horse in the mouth, don't just smile, but kiss it! today I'm talking about the great deals being offered by many banks, gasoline companies and credit card issuers.

Most people have a natural or learned wariness about using credit cards because we know there is almost always fine print. However, in this gas crunch times there is no need for fine print, companies are simply offering you free gasoline if you use their cards because they are as desperate to build sales as we are to save on our gasoline costs.

Forget your wariness. Free Gasoline is all ways better than cheap gasoline. If you take your time and read the bold and fine print and you are going to discover that with current federal regulations there is someone at the bank who is just a phone call away to tell you exactly what the offer is all about.

Forget the garbage of the fine print, when a card is mailed to you that says 20% off your gas purchases, pick up the phone and learn what it is all about it.

Understand, a 20% reduction in your fuel cost is significant savings that should not be ignored.

Let's assume you are spending about $100 per week on fuel like many of us are doing now. If you used one of these great discount cards that pays you up to 20% back on all of your gasoline purchases you would be saving a whopping $20 per week, or over a thousand dollars, that's $1,000 per year in free gasoline.

Some little known banking rules even allow you and your family to get a $1,000 per month or even more in free gasoline. Become more informed and be empowered by the credit card mistakes you may have made in the past to know what not to do now.

Do that, plus, take advantage of what is being handed to you on a silver platter and you'll survive this gasoline crises. While other people are fighting over cheap gasoline, your focus should be on free gasoline. You will be paying a lot less because you kissed the gift horse, and you didn't just smile at him.

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