Free Wedding Speech: 7 Tips For Writing Your Own Free Wedding Speech

by Jim Peterson - Date: 2006-11-05 - Word Count: 299 Share This!

These free wedding speech writing do's and don'ts can be used for writing personal free wedding speeches. Start gathering information and ideas for wedding speech topics as soon as you are invited to speak.

Know what your place is in the speaking order at the wedding party or ceremony. Do you have to reply a toast?

Ask if the bridal couple wants you to speak about a special theme or speech topic.

Don't be negative. Don't speak about very sad things in life, sex, politics and religion controversies. Always stay polite, this is an important free wedding speech writing tip.

Don't offend the couple and it's family members, friends and guests.

Don't come up with embarrassing relationships of the bride and groom in the past. Especially affairs of the groom with other women :-)

Use a conversational and friendly tone, avoid formal language. Try to see the whole writing process as writing a letter to a friend.

Yes, but what should I say? - you're asking. Well, in general wedding speech topics can be divided in 5 categories: Welcome and congratulations Compliments and personal notes Key events Stories and anecdotes Wishes and toasts And you know what? This is a small, simple and effective free wedding speech template, based on my Top 30 Free Wedding Speech Topics - just pick out the sample wedding speech ideas you need.

The two main criteria are: the style of the ceremony and the kind of speech you have to give. I wish you good luck with implementing these tips and topics in your own free wedding speech!

Jim Peterson has over 10 year's experience on speech writing. He offers how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments and 1,250+ free speech topic ideas at
Copyright 2006 Jim A. Peterson

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