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When it comes to article marketing, the questions I see the most revolves around submitting articles, or more precisely, how and where to submit articles. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites that allow you to submit articles for publishing on their site, but should you submit your articles too all of them? While many agree that you should spread your articles as far as you can, many also agree that relevancy is key in internet marketing. Why submit an article about dogs to an articles site about weight loss? The viewers there aren't going to be interested in your article, they are looking for stuff about dogs. Sure, you get another link back to your site, but then again, now search engines see a site about dogs linking back to your site, but it is not relevant and could look bad. At least that is my reasoning - let me know what you think. But while niche article sites are great to submit your articles to, there are many article sites that accept articles on any topic. In my research, I've found there are several top sites (all free) that will benefit you the most.

In my search for places to submit my articles, I came across several lists in forums and other websites. They will all be listed near the end for reference. Some were Top5/Top10 lists while other listed anywhere from 15 sites to 200 sites or more. Some listings were old, and some of the best aren't around anymore. So I wanted to make an updated list, with a separate list for most popular places to submit articles, as well as a long list of article niche sites. Some sites now charge for their service, and they will be in a separate list, so all the other sites listed are either free or have a free service plan.

How to Easily Submit Articles to Multiple Sites

Submitting an article to five or ten sites may not seem so hard to do, but if your submitting articles to 20 or more article sites, the time it takes to submit to each site starts to build up. To speed up the process, I also searched for some sort of auto-submitter to submit my articles faster. I found several that were free and several more that were paid services. If you really want to submit to hundreds of article sites, I suggest a paid service. Nobody has made a program that will automatically submit to all those sites at once. However, I did find one program by well known Internet Marketer Brad Callen, simply called Article Submitter. You can download it for free by clicking Article Submitter at the top of the Article Submitter sales page. Yes, that goes to a affiliate link and I make money if you choose the Platinum version, otherwise, click the link at the top for the free version. I also found another program by the name of Article Submitter (yes, same name, I will update this with a link later) which does auto-submit articles (and register you) for several hundred sites, but it did not have any way to remove article directories that were not relevant, such as placing an internet marketing site on an article directory about guitars. Brad Callen's free Article Submitter allows you to selectively register and submit articles to selected directories. It also keeps track of login information and article information, and then provides an automatic auto-fill feature - all you have to do it review and submit to each site! It is missing a few great article directories though, but it also dual purposes as a great way to organize your articles. You can easily copy and paste article details from this program into those directories that aren't built in to it. It also could serve as a built-in list of directories to easily submit to. Again, there is also a Platinum version for sale, which has over 600 article directories and does auto-submit your articles, saving a lot of time if your submitting to a couple hundred directories. This blog is all about free tools, but if your interested, be sure to check it out.

Best Places to Submit Articles

I've seen everywhere people recommending these sites as the best. They have get the most traffic and are considered by all to be the top places to submit your articles. Even though some of them are heavily regulated, the rules have helped raise the quality of articles, and therefore the popularity of the sites. Write high quality, unique articles, submit them to these sites, and your just about guaranteed high quality targeted traffic. Google PageRank (PR) and Alexa Rankings change regularly, listed information was accurate at the time of writing this post.

EzineArticles - Alexa 197, PR6 ArticleBase - Alexa 1061, PR5 Buzzle - Alexa 1918, PR5 GoArticles - Alexa 4337, PR6 IdeaMarketers Alexa 11429, PR3 ArticleCity - Alexa 17015, PR5

A Few More Places to Submit Articles

Have time to spread your articles a little further? Here are several more sites which were recommended at least once during my search.

WebProNews RL Rouse Free Content - Certificate.net BPubs SelfGrowth ArticleBiz Amazines SearchWarp ArticlesOn AssociatedContent - make money, post here first DevArticles - make money, but not allowed to publish elsewhere? Article Announce - YahooGroups

Pay Sites to Spread Your Articles

I'm not going into a bunch of detail here, as this site is mostly about free stuff. But if you have the money and not the time, paying may be a great option for you. There are many services out there, I for sure do not know of them all, and I'm not looking for them. But, of course, I did find some in my search for free sites, so I figured it doesn't hurt to list them too. Here are a few pay sites that were recommended at least once. Again, I wasn't looking for these, so the list is short and all that I could remember. Let me know if there are some great ones to add to the list!

PR Leap PR Web iSnare (used to be free, still free with referral credits)

And then there are the Social Networking sites like Digg.com. But that will span into another post another day. Let me know your thoughts on this list, I will try to keep it updated and will add your submissions and more information as I come by it!

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