Free NFL Jersey for an Email Address - Fact or Fiction?

by Robert Andrew - Date: 2006-11-05 - Word Count: 493 Share This!

Most of us have seen the offers for free NFL jerseys - and many other items such as Apple iPods - in exchange for an email address. Are these offers real or a sham? Is it really possible to trade an email address for a free NFL jersey? You can get a free NFL jersey but it's a bit more involved than simply providing your email address.

First of all, these are legitimate offers. It really is possible to earn a free NFL jersey or iPod. But these are physical products and they can't be delivered electronically. So after you provide an email address, you're going to have to provide a physical shipping address. You'll be asked to provide your home address. This is obvious and not a big deal for most people...especially when they're getting the jersey of the favorite NFL team for free.

As you might expect, each offer is slightly different. It's normal to be presented a long list of offers where you'll check the ones you like. These offers run the gamut from health to vacations and most have nothing to do with NFL jerseys. Your inbox will swell with emails as soon as you show any interest in what's being offered and won't stop anytime soon. Don't forget your email address is already on file.

You might be tempted to give a fake email address to avoid all the email messages. Don't hold your breath for a free NFL jersey if you do this. You'll have to at least feign interest in some of the offers and complete other requirements before you get your free NFL jersey. Requirements vary depending on the offer. But if you provide an email address and the messages sent to it come back undeliverable, it's not difficult to figure out you're being untruthful and you won't get the free NFL jersey you wanted.

A better alternative is to set up a free email account specifically for these free offers. This would be an email address other than your primary email address. Throwaway email addresses are easy to set up. Check out hotmail and yahoo for starters but there are plenty more. As soon as you give your email address, the offers will fill your inbox. By using a "throwaway" email address, your emails go through but you don't have to wade through all the junk mail to get to the messages you want to read.

In the final analysis, these "free" offers are legitimate. You won't pay money but you'll be obligated to receive a bunch of offers for other products. They're willing to give away a free NFL jersey up front betting they'll make it up on profits from the other offers.

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