Yehovah Jesus Allah Call for an End to Judaism Christianity and Islam

by Karen Fish - Date: 2007-01-14 - Word Count: 1408 Share This!

The world is in turmoil today. President Bush publicly declared a Christian Crusade. President Ahmadinejad publicly declared his intention for World Jihad, for the creation of a world Islamic state. Prime Minister Olmert is preparing plans to nuke Iran. The United Nations sees all of this. They see that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are engaged in a clash of civilizations leading us all into nuclear world war 3. The High Level Group of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations recently completed and issued their report. Their conclusion was that the clash between Islam, Christianity and Judaism which is about to lead us all into the radioactive fires of real live Hell on earth did not have a religious cause. Either the study group members were suffering from severe retardation or they did a cover up for Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The Pope recently came out with three reasons that there is no peace on earth. Religion was not one of them.

Let us say that you have a weed, a dandelion in your backyard. Lets say that you take a scissors and cut off the top. Not only will the weed return but it will spread. The only way to solve the problem is to take your $2 weeder and dig the weed out by the roots. We need to root out the problem facing the world now. If we continue to bury our heads in the sand then soon our God will lead us all into extinction in nuclear world war 3 and its aftermath nuclear winter and then ultraviolet summer. Every scientist knows that nuclear world war 3 will have zero survivors.

The Jewish people follow the Old Testament. The Christian people follow the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Muslim people follow the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran. All of them follow God of Mount Sinai who handed the 10 commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. Let us assume as Judaism, Christianity and Islam do that these Holy Bibles are the absolute word of God. In the Gospel of John it opens up by saying "The Word was God." This means that "God is the Word of God". God has three groups of followers, three children, the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Let us see what their God says.

The Old Testament is followed by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Old Testament contains The Psalms. In Psalm 2 God of Mount Sinai says that he will send his Messiah. The Messiah will take a rod of iron and smash all non group members into a million pieces like a potter's vessel and conquer the world for each group. This means that the Jewish Messiah will massacre every non Jewish man, woman and child on earth and conquer the world for Judaism. This means that the very same God of Mount Sinai will massacre every non Christian man, woman and child on earth and conquer the world for Christianity. This means that the very same God of Mount Sinai will slaughter every non Muslim man, woman and child and conquer the world for Islam. This means that God of Mount Sinai has promised the whole world to each of his three children if they go out and kill God's other 2 children. This means that God of Mount Sinai is a vile, vicious, sadistic warmonger leading us all into nuclear world war 3, our present course.

Unfortunately this is just the beginning of what your sadistic murderous God commands each of his children. The Old Testament is packed with passages where your God of Mount Sinai commands each group to go out and slaughter mercilessly every single other group, every man, woman and child and burn their villages to the ground. In the New Testament your God of Mount Sinai commands every Christian to go out and throw every single non Christian man, woman and child into the fire because they are Devils. (Matthew 13:36-43). In the Koran God of Mount Sinai says to the Muslim people, "Make war on the Christians, Jews and Infidels and I will give you eternal paradise with me in Heaven with crystal clear streams, 72 virgins and endless wine with no side effects." (Koran Sura 9:5, 29-30, Sura 56.)

It should be clear by now that as long as Judaism, Christianity and Islam exist there can never be peace on earth. This is why your God says through every single Biblical prophet including and especially Jesus Christ that the Holy Bibles are not his word. Your God says through every single Biblical prophet including and especially Jesus Christ that the Holy Bibles except for the 10 commandments carved in stone by God himself are forgeries written by human beings and signed "God." (Ezekiel 13:6). God called your Holy Bibles a pack of lies written by a bunch of ignorant drunks which would lead us all into the fire. (Isaiah 28:9-15). Jesus Christ the Jewish born Messiah of Christianity and Islam said that when he returned he would command all of his angels to take the poisonous weeds, the Tares, the 3 Holy Bibles and toss them into the fire to save you all from them, except for the 10 commandments. (Matt. 13:24-30). The 10 page Temple of Love website sets out exactly what your God said through every Biblical prophet, the parts your religion does not teach you because if they did you would run out the door, and your God's simple map for how you all save life on earth yourselves. In The Temple of Love you will finally be joining together with your God and following the map of your God which leads to the survival of life one earth.

The sixth commandment of God of Mount Sinai is "Don't Murder." We are all composed of air, water and earth. If we stop murdering tomorrow then it means that we stop poisoning to death our components air, water and earth. An end to murder would mean an end to pollution, global warming, murder and war. Your God is not a sadistic warmonger. Your human savage Bible writers were sadistic warmongers. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim people today are following these Bible writers right into the agonizing extinction of all life on earth forever in nuclear world war 3, Armageddon, and rejecting the word of their God, the 10 commandments.

We may already have passed the point of no return on this planet but the worse thing that we can do is to give up hope. Jesus called the Rabbis, Priests and Ayatollahs following the Old Testament today "corrupt, hypocritical, venomous poisonous murderous snakes and blind guides leading you all into the fire." (Matthew 23). These people will never tell you to set aside your Bibles because they would lose their money and power over you. Your mainstream media will never print this article because they are owned by the Jews, Christians and Muslims. This means that the people of earth will never know that The Temple of Love aka The Temple of 10ve aka The World Peace Religion aka The Third Temple has been rebuilt, with your God of Mount Sinai's (aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah, Yehovah, Elohim, the God of your ancestors who led you out of slavery in Egypt, I Am Who I Am, and all of those in every language) blueprint for you all to save life on earth yourselves.

Yehovah, Jesus and Allah call for an end to the Old Testament, the cornerstone of Judaism, Christianity and Islam repeatedly right in your Holy Bibles, except for the 10 commandments. God carved in stone "Don't Murder" and the 3 Bibles call out "Murder!" endlessly. How simple it would be if tomorrow every Synagogue, Church and Mosque on earth changed their name to The Temple of Love and turned from haters into lovers. Otherwise just walk out the door and don't look back. You must break the bonds which your religious leaders have you tied up in now in order to achieve peace on earth. Then we would have a chance, according to your God who loves you all and your own common sense. Your political leaders are using these religions to set you all against yourselves. In a nuclear age where nuclear world war 3 and its aftermath, Armageddon, will have no survivors we cannot afford to be divided. It seems like we need to have a love party.

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