How Horoscope / Astrology Does Affect A Person's Happiness

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When we speak about happiness, it reflects on two variations. One as an emotion like being happy or in the mood, while the other as a bigger word with a deeper meaning. It connotes the influences of how well or poorly a person is most likely to adapt or be in contentment mood or in higher emotional uplifting. Happiness is all about the right state of mind.

But what does horoscope has to do with a person's happiness? It depends really. It depends on the kind of situation we get ourselves into. If we believed in these subjects then probably horoscope or astrology has a greater influence on our state of mind.

Ancient people believed that happiness is something that can be defined or can be measured, whatever differences each person have. This notion of happiness does not exclude personal, subjective feelings. The ancients emphasized that being happy (in this objective sense) is very pleasurable - flourishing feels great! But happiness is not identical to personal feelings.

The right state of mind issue is also another thing that touches the issue of having the chance to get on a proper counselling, and many ancient people believed that having the knowledge of their astrological birth charts or their start signs in astrology could give them a little bit of something, that is deep and meaningful. Hence having the knowledge that your life either will be in a good or in an opposite direction can bring you in right mindset, eradicating the negative thoughts and the bad things that are building up and causes you some sad feeling or discontentment.

With the old saying, we are all naturally a rational beings, and usually the ancient tradition suggest that when the subject of Astrology even came up, we are already aiming on the planets, the celestial bodies and asking for their guidance. What differs it now, is that we are being able to understand that the capacity of our life reflects on our horoscope. Horoscope brings in new hope for people who are indulgent in negative aspects.

According to some philosophers, the natal chart we had since our birth plays a role for identifying our weaknesses and as well as our successes in the future. If we were to paint a picture of the ideal happy person in antiquity, we would be looking at someone who has few obstacles, has a balanced and clever mind with a benevolent emotional life, fulfils his or her proper social functions and responsibilities, successfully attends to his or her special skills, and has good health.

Compatibility astrology combined signs Western Chinese is a way of joining together two cultures while giving added insight to cosmic influences. By using combined astrology, you gain a greater depth of accepting of those cosmic forces that help shape your life and present challenges specific to your sign.
Combined Astrology is the merging of the 12 signs of the Western zodiac with the 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac. I find it a very interesting and accurate form of Astrology and it is perhaps the type that I know the best.

Most people are always fascinated when they read their combined sign for the first time. It really does help define who you are, questions that you may have had about yourself that your normal astrological sign hadn't been able to answer completely can normally be answered using this method. Almost everyone knows there western sign, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc but not everyone knows about there Chinese sign. Unlike the western signs, which are taken from the date of your birth, Chinese astrology is more concerned with the year of your birth and each sign begins on the Chinese New Year. There are 12 animals, The Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Each sign comes around every 12 years, for example I was born in 1978 which was the year of the Horse. The next Horse year after that was in 1990, 12 years later.

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