Sign Language - An Incredible Language For Children

by Susan J Morris - Date: 2010-08-25 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

Learning sign language has become very common as it is one of the most popular languages in America. Nowadays most of the schools have made it compulsory for every child whether they are able to hear and speak or not to learn this language. This is not only helpful for grownups but is also beneficial for young children in various ways.

Children are able to learn quickly as compared to adults therefore they are able to grasp hold on this language in a very small passage of time and also remember this throughout their lives as one never forgets something they learned when they were small.

Learning sign language helps the children who are unable to speak (because of their young age) by reducing their frustration as sign language allows them to communicate with their family members even at the age they are unable to start their speaking process. This language helps your children to communicate to you in case he/she is hungry or is in pain.

Sign language helps children to start learning spoken language at a younger age as compared to children who are unable to communicate through signs. Since the children are habitual of communication with the people around them therefore the habit for communicating influences them to start speaking early.

It was proved in a research that more than 90% of deaf parents have hearing children. "Mother father deaf" is a phrase often used for parents who are deaf but have hearing children. Making such children learn sign language helps them in communicating with their parents as the parents are unable to hear them even when they start speaking.

Children with the ability to communicate through signs have a larger English-language vocabulary as compared to those children who cannot communicate through signs. This research was done by Dr. Daniels who proved this theory right by observing both children; ones who can communicate with signs and those who cannot do so. Other than him there were three other researches done after which all the doubts regarding this theory came to an end.

There is a particular part of your brain that only helps you while reading. Therefore unless a child starts to read that particular part of the brain does not function. But the research was done which proved that the same part of the brain helps you in using your hands, body and facial expression in order to communicate with others. So if you make your child learn this language they will be able to use that part of their brain until they actually start reading and make efficient use of it. Sign language is a great way of exercising that visual-spatial part of your child's brain unless he/she starts reading regularly.

Sign language helps in building self-confidence in children since they have been communicating from a very young age therefore they have no trouble while speaking and expressing themselves to others.

Learning sign language helps the children in numerous ways. It not only helps them in communicating and expressing themselves but also sharpens their brain and makes them more intelligent as compared to other children. Therefore make you child learn this remarkable language and help them in growing faster.

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