Major Aspects To Be Considered While Teaching Sign Language

by Susan J Morris - Date: 2010-08-25 - Word Count: 562 Share This!

Teaching is a very difficult task as you are completely responsible for those whom you are teaching. And teaching sign language not only includes those who are unable to speak and hear but also those who are completely blessed by all the senses but still wish to learn this language in order to be able to communicate with people who cannot hear them. Therefore, there are certain things that you must keep in mind in order to make sure you prove yourself to be the best and also do justice with those who have complete faith in you.

The first thing that must be kept in mind before deciding to teach sign language is your personality. You must make sure whether you will be able to make children and adults learn this language in the best manner or not. There is a lot of difference between teaching a normal spoken language and teaching sign language. It requires 4 to 5 times more patience as compared to teaching spoken languages. Hence, if you are planning to teach sign language you must make sure that you have a lot of patience as not only teaching people with hearing impaired is difficult but also making people not use their speaking ability (for the ones who can talk) and use sign language instead requires ample amount of patience.

Before making other people learn this language you must have great command on this language yourself. It is a very difficult task as even if one sign is taught wrong the entire meaning will be changed and people who are deaf and dumb will be unable to communicate and understand each other's thoughts and views. Other than this is not even ethical to teach something you don't have full grasp on therefore if you decide to teach sign language then you must make sure you yourself are a master of it first.

There is a very important tip that must be kept in mind whether you are learning sign language or any other spoken language, that you must make use of it in your daily life. If you do not use a particular language in your daily life or do not communicate with others in that language you will never be able to learn that language. Since it is not necessary that a person who is learning this language from you knows other people who are aware of this language therefore being a teacher you should yourself communicate with your students in sign language in order to make them take hold of it within a short span of time.

Use of flash card is a very modern way of teaching this language. There are flash cards easily available in the book stores and each card has a word along with the sign that describes the word in order to help various people in learning this language. Being a teacher you must make use of modern techniques to help the students learn this language as it not only makes it easier for the students to learn but also helps them in learning quickly.

Teaching sign language is as difficult as learning it therefore a lot of hard work is required. You must be able to teach you students whatever is necessary from them to learn in order to get absolute hold on this language in order to do justice with your profession.

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