TEFL Visits - London Numbers

by Andrew Carter - Date: 2007-03-04 - Word Count: 309 Share This!

TEFL Visits - London numbers Although we live outside London, it's still a major tool in our Teaching English as a Second Language toolbox. Going there is a treat - going home at the end of a long day is probably a relief! We had a great trip there yesterday - and I was impressed with the facts and figures that arose during a couple of interesting excursions we took. These can be used to great effect as discussion starters, exercises in the use of questions and answers, comprehension indicators, and some good quizzes too! It's very important when you are teaching to be constantly monitoring your student's understanding - watch their eyes, expressions, body language: are they understanding what's being said, what they're reading? So often the student, being eager to please, will say he or she has understood when a couple of questions will quickly determine that they haven't. So ask them what they've heard and help them to understand if they haven't got the fact on board. Of course different things excite the interest of different people, so it's important to know what track to travel down: art, history, culture, sport, and so on… What did I learn yesterday, with people interested in history? Nelson is 17 foot tall; the London Eye has 32 pods, each carrying 25 people at £25 per 28 minute trip; and the Monument is 202 feet tall - if it fell directly eastward its top would be at the spot in Pudding Lane where the great fire of 1666 started. Other London numbers included train and bus timetables, ticket prices, and the number of people hanged at Tyburn. Teacher - there is so much information out there: find out which subjects interest your students and play with the language in that area. Engage their interest, use a bit of fun, have a day out and learn together.

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Andrew is a qualified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher, with 15 years experience of the global Automotive Industry as a Sales manager with an International component and systems supplier. For more information about learning English with Andrew at his home in the UK, visit the Lets Talk 2 website.

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