What To Look Forward To Learn Spanish

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When trying to learn Spanish, it is good to first get the basics down. Some of the first things people start with when learning Spanish are the days of the week and the bathroom. However, there are many other basics parts of Spanish that a person trying to learn Spanish needs to know. The basic things you must begin with in order to learn Spanish are as follows:

First you must learn how to ask, where the bathroom is.

This is an important question, because if you ever travel to a Spanish speaking country, you may be surrounded by people who do not know how to speak your language. You may find it difficult to point and make gestures that demonstrate that you are looking for the bathroom. Therefore, if you do not know how to ask for what you want, you may find yourself in a flurry of ridiculous motions that do not get you anywhere. On the other hand, if you simply get down the word "lavabo" then, you will be on your way to getting rid your natural urge quickly and easily.

Next you must learn to ask how to catch a cab or bus.

As you learn Spanish, you may want to begin traveling to different Spanish-speaking parts of the world, and maybe even parts of your neighborhood. When doing so you should be careful because even in certain parts of your neighborhood or city, you may run into large groups of people who only speak Spanish. Therefore, it is essential that as you learn Spanish, you learn to ask where a cab or bus is. If you learn these questions, you certainly will not find yourself stranded in the middle of a neighborhood that you are not familiar with.

Next, you must learn the days of the week.

The days of the week are important to learn in any language, and as you learn Spanish, learning the days of the week will become a great asset to you. Finally, if your teacher asks you what day your next class is, you will be able to answer marvelously in Spanish.

Then, you must learn small verbs.

Why learn Spanish if you can't even build a sentence? Learning small verbs will make Spanish much easier for you in the beginning. The small verbs you should learn are "is" "are" "the," and "they." Learning these words will help you to put together a sentence like "Where is the bathroom?" or "Where is the bus?"

Lastly, you must learn "yes" and "no."

Sometimes, when people learn Spanish, they are not taught how to say "yes" and "no" for a long time because the Spanish-speaking teacher wants them to learn how to answer his or her questions with complete Spanish sentences. However, it is good to pick up these words as soon as your teacher begins to mention them because they will be the key to getting what you want and getting rid of what you don't.

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