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Bus Driver Assaulted Wednesday Evening on Commercial Drive

A recent post from Commercial Drive Live contains pictures and details surrounding the horrifying assault of a female Bus Driver by a gang of young thugs right in the middle of Commercial drive on Hallowe'en night. According to the post, “Vancouver police are looking for two teenage girls after a TransLink driver was assaulted and a trolley bus was lit on fire Wednesday night.” The incident reportedly occurred at 10:15 pm and there were several witnesses.

The post contains several quotes from Constable Howard Chow, a spokesman for the Vancouver Police Department. Apparently, the incident occurred when a bus driver pulled over to ask some teenagers if they wanted some Halloween Candy. Chow goes on to explain that “They say they do. She throws it out and for some unknown reason there's a bit of an argument or some yelling at the bus driver … Two teenaged girls then grabbed the bus driver, dragged her out and start beating on her.” During the melee, the area where the bus driver sits was lit on fire. The post also states that “Investigators said two teenaged girls, reported to be wearing Santa hats, repeatedly "punched her multiple times in the head.”

Fans Boo Luongo After Two Goals in Two Shots

The latest post from the Canucks Hockey blog has revealed that after the Canucks were defeated 3-0 by the Nashville Predators, Brendan Morrison spoke to the media and criticized Canucks fans for openly booing Luongo early in the match. “To boo our goaltender after he let in two goals on the first two shots, I thought that was crossing the line a bit, think it's horse(expletive). It's funny how these things work.” While Morrison noted that many of Vancouver's recent performances should be criticized, he was insistent that fans weren't doing the team any favors by booing the Canucks first-choice net-minder.

The post concurred with Morrison that fans were being too harsh on Luongo. In fact, Canucks Hockey blog went so far as to practically absolve Luongo from blame on the first two goals. “Sure he allowed two goals on his first two shots last night, but the first was off a skate with a Predator in front of the net for like forever and the second was on a clear breakaway after a Canucks giveaway on the blueline.” The performance from the rest of the team was particularly brutal, with Bieksa and the Sedins described as “crap.” Additionally, the post reports that Bieksa suffered a particularly bad injury when a skate cut into his calf muscle. “I'll be surprised if Bieksa is back this season.”

Meth Lab Shut Down in Middle of Kitsilano

According to a recent post from, a fully-functional methamphetamine lab was discovered by police and shut down yesterday. Originally, reported by CKNW news, the post reveals that “Firefighters were initially investigating reports of white smoke, but became suspicious when they were refused entry to the suite. A man and woman are facing charges.” A meth lab is considered to be highly volatile and a slight mis-measurement of the chemicals involved in the process can trigger massive explosions. The meth lab was located in a nondescript apartment building at 7th Ave & Yew.

Interestingly enough, a comment was made on the post by a disgruntled resident of the apartment where the lab was located. Apparently, the accused was well known to residents of the apartment building as a known drug dealer who has lived in the building for 4 and a half years, “much to the chagrin of the residents.” The accused also has a criminal record from Ontario chronicling a history of drug dealing. While the Vancouver police have dealt with methamphetamine labs before, seeing them appear in upscale neighborhoods such as Kitsiliano is said to be “alarming.”

Grand Chief Wants Free Vote for NDP on Tsawwassen Treaty

Bill Tieleman's blog is reporting that Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, the President of the BC Union of Indian Chiefs, has formally asked NDP leader Carole James to allow NDP MLA's a free vote on the Tsawwassen Treaty. It is also noted in the post that “Phillip is calling on BC NDP MLAs to vote against the Treaty.” The NDP has had some troubles defining its position on the treaty and some tumultuous party in-fighting has already taken its toll on BC's New Democrats. “MLA Michael Sather was suspended from the NDP caucus after declaring he would vote against the Treaty.” The post asserts that Sather rejected the treaty due to “it's exclusion of 500 acres of prime farmland from the Agricultural Land Reserve.”

The post also noted that Grand Chief Phillip has not reserved his political criticism solely for the NDP. According to Bill Tieleman, Grand Chief Phillip called the BC Liberals actions “unethical, inappropriate and totally unacceptable” when they attempted to influence a positive vote on the treaty by “flying Tsawwassen First Nation members to Nisga'a territory prior to their referendum vote on the Treaty and by promising money for elders if the Treaty passed.” The content of Grand Chief Phillip's open letter to Carole James is available, in its entirety, in the post.

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