Proper Network Cable Management And How It Can Save Your Business Time And Money

by Ronald Jackson - Date: 2010-07-29 - Word Count: 405 Share This!

In many businesses now there are plenty of computers which will likely be attached to some sort of server or networking kit. In a large percentage of these businesses their server room can be quite nightmarish as the cables may be plugged in as and when they are needed. There are some network cables that can look more like a bowl of spaghetti and when it comes time to fault find or fix any problems with the network this can take a much longer period of time.

This becomes an issue for some companies as it not only increases the time that the fault takes to get fixed but in most cases where IT Support is outsourced then these companies tend to charge based on the time they are at your site fixing the problem. Obviously if it takes a longer time to fix your fault then this could mean more money is spent on the problem which can become draining on a company's finances if the problem happens a lot.

The alternative is to set aside time and effort to organise your network cabling, this will likely take many months for larger businesses but once the project is completed all future faults can be fixed much quicker and so cost less when you need to hire an engineer to look at the problem. Organising proper routing of cables will mean it is easy to find and access the cable that you are looking for or add a new connection with ease.

Documenting where connections lead to is equally important as it helps to speed up finding where a particular computer is connected to. This again speeds up the time taken to find faults and having a database set up to keep track of all new and existing connections is important when organising your workplace's computer network.

Some companies will outsource this task as it may require a lot of time which your employees may not have the time to do. A dedicated IT Support engineer may be able to help you and if they are your regular IT support team then they are going to be better and more efficient to deal with when you experience any faults as they will have full understanding of how your network is setup and laid out.

Considering the savings of time, effort and money that can be made then your business could be better equipped for the future when something goes wrong.

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