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What is a network and its types ?
The generic term " network "defines a set of entities (objects, people, etc..) interconnected with each other. A network allows to circulate tangible or intangible items between each of these entities according to defined rules.
Network (English network): All computers and devices connected to each other. Note that both computers are connected together by themselves a minimum network.
Networking (English networking): Implementation tools and tasks to connect computers together to share network resources.

Depending on the type of entity, the term used will be different as well:
transportation system: a set of infrastructure and provision for transporting people and goods between different geographical areas
telephone network: infrastructure for circulating the votes between several phones
neural network: a set of interconnected cells they
network of criminals: a group of crooks who are in contact with each other (usually a crook hides in another!)
computer network: A set of computers interconnected by means of physical lines and exchanging information in the form of digital data (values binary, that is to say coded form of signals which can take two values: 0 and 1)

There is no one type of network, because historically there are different types of computers, communicating as diverse and varied languages. Moreover this is also due to the heterogeneity of physical transmission media connecting them, either in terms of data transfer (traffic data in the form of electrical impulses, light or electromagnetic waves) or at media type (coax, twisted pair, fiber optic, etc.)..
The chapters attempt to describe the characteristics of physical transmission media and the way data travels over the network.

The different types of network
One generally distinguishes two types of networks:

1. To-peer networks (peer to peer / equals)
2. Networks organized around servers (Client / Server)

These two types of networks have different capabilities. The type of network to install depends on the following criteria:
Company Size
Level of security needed
Activity type
Skill level of administration available
Volume of traffic on the network
Needs of network users
Budget for the operation of the network (not just the purchase but also maintenance and maintenance)

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