Outsourcing: The Future Of Network Management India

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Computer Networking is a dynamic area and few strategies that were not thinkable yesterday can become too much attractive today which is not an unusual phenomenon as change is only extraordinary whenever it happens to you.

So, some people ask why has outsourcing of desktop and network management emerged as a cost-effective and reliable option for modern networks? So, let me just start with some figures first. The outsourcing market grew from $18.2 billion in 1995 to $42.6 billion by the year 2000 according to the Gartner Group. And within the outsourcing market, the fastest growing segment is outsourcing Network Management India. The Gartner Group predicts only the networking segment to grow from $2.73 billion in 1995 to $10.65 billion by the end of the century. It means the conclusion is clear that there is demand and service providers are willing to fill that demand.

60% of the organizations will outsource main parts of their network management in India by 2010 because of the risks and difficulties involved with managing services internally..

Many different trends are there in the network management systems:
Integration at various levels
Simple scalabilit
Supporting network in a box
Supporting higher network abstractions
Multi-vendor devices, etc.

Enterprises need and want more

Now, Enterprise networks are a mixture of several service providers by using different communication media for data connectivity. Customers/ clients look out for a single vendor contract which is able to liaison with number of providers in a single SLA framework.

Customers/ clients also expect service providers to offer consultancy on good practices followed in change management, system testing, migration, certifications etc.Nowadays, Hardware network components are considered more of a service parameter, which requires to be proactively managed and monitored. All Enterprises want solutions that can help address service degradation issues while delivering enterprise applications over the IT infrastructure with root cause analysis.

I have seen tremendous expansion in the area of network deployment over the years. As companies realized the cost benefits and productivity gains created by network technology, they began to add networks and expand existing networks almost as rapidly as new network technologies and products were introduced.

As companies realized the productivity gains and cost benefits created by network technology, they began to expand networks and add networks almost as fast as new network technologies and products were introduced. Some companies were experiencing growing pains from deploying so many different network technologies.

Enterprises in India are increasingly realizing that managing networks is a high-maintenance, capital/resource-intensive endeavor fraught with risk. Therefore, enterprise expectations from networks has moved up from basic monitoring and connectivity to an integrated and foolproof secured and managed setup.

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