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Probably every dog lover knows that the sharpei dog breed is distinct due to their deep wrinkles and head shaped like that of a hippopotamus. Small triangular ears and a high-set tail exposing the anus also gives a sharpei dog the look that is different from the others.

The breed also comes in varying coat types and colors. The coat type could be horse-coat which is rough to the touch, brush-coat which is slightly longer and smoother and bear-coat which is much longer than the other two. The latter does not meet the breed standard thus not allowed to be shown.

This breed comes in many different colors but only the solid ones are allowed to be shown. Solid colors are:

Fawn - a very light tan or golden coloring and maybe described as light fawn, fawn, dark fawn or red fawn.

Red - this color ranges from mahogany to rich chestnut red and is equivalent over the body, neck, head and legs.

Cream - a white with some yellow tinge with variations that may range from light cream to dark cream.

Black - solid black and may have a blue, grey, brown, or red shade on the sides. The coat color is equivalent over the body, neck, head and legs.




Cream Sable

Fawn Sable

Black Sable

Dilute coloration (in which the nose, nails and anus of the dog is the same color as the coat) is also acceptable.

Apricot Dilute

Blue Dilute

Chocolate Dilute

Cream Dilute

Five Point Red Dilute

Isabella Dilute

Lilac Dilute

Colors such as albino, brindle, parti-colored, spotted and patterned are disqualified.

While the appearance sometimes became the basis when choosing a dog, let not this confuse you. Looking at the color alone will not guarantee you of healthy and happy dog. You need to consider other factors too such as the pup's parents in order to make sure that you will get nothing but the best.

Richard Cussons loves the Sharpei dog breed regardless of the coat color. Know these Shar Pei training tips brought to you by

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