Why Customers Love Promotional Pens

by Gareth Parkin - Date: 2007-05-16 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

Probably the most popular customer give-away promotional merchandise is the printed pen. Although it has held this position for decades, there is still delight in getting a "free" pen for most people, and as such, it is an excellent choice for a business gift.

What's really great about the promotional pen as corporate gifts is that everyone needs pens, because everyone misplaces pens. They seem to walk away from desks and fall out of purses. Businesses sometimes put chain on theirs, and stores keep them behind counters-not because of their monetary value, but because of their logistical importance in our lives. When one needs a pen, nothing else will do! Hence, we as a society tend to hoard pens, and occasionally, we even become attached to some of them. Often, those very special possessions have been received as promotional items.

One of the aspects of a promotional pen's success is the variety from which businesses have to select. From plastic to metals, to designs to advertising-the scope is almost overwhelming, and the price range fits every budget. Some pens state the business name, address and phone number on their sides, others may contain a motto, and some do not carry any advertising-they are usually the more upscale client promotional gifts.

As with other pens and promotional gifts, printed business pens still disappear, but whoever is using them will still notice any advertising. In this way, they are still proving their usefulness, and most assuredly are not being wasted. Plus, since pens are not a large investment, providing extras to clients is not a hardship and always generates an expression of appreciation. Printed pens can be placed in other promotional material such as proposal booklets, conference folders, or carrier bags, laid on a trade show tables or meeting desks, or simply offered upon any signature. Their inherent properties will not cause the client to feel overwhelmed, yet a pen's usefulness will never go unnoticed.

It is important to remember that a pen can either make a positive or negative statement, however. A cheaply made plastic pen can frustrate a writer by not working properly in a myriad of ways. The client may give it another chance, after which he or she may associate it negatively with your business and discard it. (Having ink leak onto a client's hands or clothes is not anything you want!) On the other hand, an especially handsome pen that allows the writer to feel sophisticated and elegant while using it will endear itself to them, and by enjoying a luxury that they may not have thought to buy themselves, they will feel connected and appreciative to your company. A simple item just as a pen, then, has more than served its humble purpose; it has built goodwill and possibly retained a client.

Ideasbynet.com will help you sort through the many options when it comes to providing promotional pens, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your choices. We assure you that a business cannot go wrong with the decision to utilise printed pens for its advertising needs.

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