What Not To Do When Running Classified Ads

by Adrian Hargray - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 481 Share This!

Classified ads are a great way to build your business brand and to get qualified prospects to your business or website. But to do classified advertising correctly, you will want to follow a few simple steps that you can use to improve your classified advertising results. Here's the first thing that you will want to do to improve your classified advertising efforts.

1) Avoid industry jargon

No one understands your industry jargon except for your competitors, and you shouldn't be writing for them anyway. Your goal should be to simply and easily explain your products and services to your prospects and allow them to make a fair decision about your ad. Never use business jargon that no one understands. It's the fastest way to scare prospects off from your ad. Here's another thing you don't want to do.

2) Run one classified ad

To be successful with classified ads, you have to run more than 1 ad. In fact, it can take hundreds if not thousands of ads to be successful with it. You have to run alot of classified ads to see your results really pay off, and if you're not good with this reality, maybe you should consider running a full page ad or a display ad.

If you're currently running one classified ad and are seeing results from it, imagine the results you would get if you ran hundreds of them. You would see your results skyrocket tenfold. Of course there's a cost associated with this, but for the most part your efforts would be multiplied. Here's something else you don't want to do when running classified ads.

3) Selling a product in the ad

This is a big no-no. This is called one-step advertising and the only place that it is acceptable to run these kinds of ads is with full page ads. Unless you're running a full page ad, don't try to sell your product in your ad. Your best bet is to start off by generating a lead. You only have a small space in your classified ad, so you can't do much with what you have.

Instead, run a 2-step ad. A 2-step ad is when you offer something for free and then follow up on your prospect for more information. This is smart because you can give yourself as much space as you need to contact and further sell your prospect. If you're currently trying to sell a product via your classified, then this is an ineffective way to go about things. Use the 2-step approach instead - it will work better for you.

These 3 tips for earning money with classified ads work if you use them. The biggest mistake that I see all the time when doing classified advertising is people running one-step ads trying to sell a product. Don't follow this mistake. Be different, and you will see your efforts pay off big time.

Good luck with your classified advertising.

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