Putting Junkmail to Good Use in Your Company

by Norio De Sousa - Date: 2006-11-09 - Word Count: 566 Share This!

The junkmail that you receive is just tipping over with treasure for you to use in your company. It's being sent by people who want to make money and they'll only keep sending them if it's working so—guess what?—the same tactics will work for you and your small business as well!

Keep the junkmail you receive and, when you get a chance, look out for these things…

1. Titillating Titles Tell Tons!

All effective marketing and sales-pieces start with an amazing title that connects to your subconscious and pulls you in to read the rest.

A good title is almost always shocking, exciting, thought-provoking or entertaining.

For example, the alliteration in the title above probably put a smile on your face after twisting your tongue a little. Those are the sorts of titles you should be looking out for. Carefully keep tabs on your reactions to what you're reading and you'll quickly pick up on patterns you can use in your own marketing!

2. Benefits Help You Rake in the Cash

First-time marketers spend too little time talking about themselves or their products that their potential clients eventually get bored and move to competing companies who are more focused on the benefits on offer.

Changing your "features" into "benefits" suddenly lets me know what's in it for me or, in other words, why I should give a damn!

The fact that your product is made from titanium doesn't mean a lot to me but knowing that dropping it won't be an expensive exercise DOES mean a lot!

I don't care that it weighs 10kg but tell me that it won't fall over in heavy-weather and you've got my attention!

Sure , that computer might have a 1000Mhz CPU, but is it fast enough for me to run Word?

Benefits are what sell products, not features. So, with every feature you're currently promoting, find a way to turn it into a benefit and you'll notice an increase in sales. It's a sure thing!

3. I Guarantee You that Guarantees Boost Sales!

People like to feel safe. That's never going to change so, when they're considering buying something, you can easily swing them your way by offering a longer or better guarantee than your competitors.

A 1-year guarantee will convert more sales than a 30-day guarantee!

Strangely enough, the longer your money-back guarantee, the less refunds you'll have to pay out.


Two reasons. First, people like to get the most they can out of everything they pay for. That means they'll probably wait until the end of your money-back period to ask you for their money back. Second, most people forget so, the more time you give them to claim their money back, the more time you're giving them to forget all about it!

Rest assured—a strong guarantee will bring in more sales!

4. Read This Call to Action Now

Very simply, people need to be told what to do or they won't do anything. You can spend 3 hours telling people about your product but, unless you ask them to buy from you, very few will!

A simple, "Call NOW to Order!", will do but a better bet is to give them a reason to act right away. Try something like, "Call NOW for 10% off!".

Study your junkmail carefully and try and learn from each campaign. Figure out what makes you want what they're selling and what doesn't. You can learn a lot from ANY junkmail and it won't cost you a cent!

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