What You Need For Your Bonsai Kit

by Jess Shaw - Date: 2008-09-19 - Word Count: 439 Share This!

A bonsai kit is a perfect gift for any loved one born with a green thumb. You can either make your own bonsai kit or purchase one from any gardening shop.

Tips for Making and Designing Bonsai Kits Here's a list of what your bonsai kit should include:

Bonsai Tree - Before giving away your bonsai kit, do try to determine whether your recipient would wish to have an indoor or outdoor bonsai tree. Secondly, determine which bonsai tree specie you believe your recipient would have the greatest affinity to. As some bonsai tree species are more difficult to grow than others, make sure that you choose the appropriate specie if you're giving a bonsai kit to a child.

You can make things more interesting however by attaching a note to your bonsai kit about any of the various legends and superstitions associated with bonsai trees.

Pot - You can either design one by yourself or purchase one from the store. As there are various styles, colors, and shapes to choose from, you're sure to find something that will fit your recipient's taste without hurting your pockets too much. Make sure of course that you consider the size of your bonsai tree when shopping for a pot.

Soil - Unlike other types of plants, bonsai trees will only grow when a certain type of soil is used. As such, make sure that you not only fill the pot with the specific type of soil for bonsai trees but include one extra package of soil as well in the bonsai kit.

Decorative Supplies - Bonsai trees, pots, and gardens can be decorated in numerous ways. Make sure that you include a bunch of decorative supplies in your bonsai kit to allow your recipient to have more fun with growing their bonsai trees.

Training Wire - This is a must for any novice in bonsai growing. Make sure that you provide an ample supply of them as they're liable to get it wrong the first few times.

Fertilizer - Again, bonsai trees are unique in the sense that they require occasional fertilizing. Make sure that you provide your recipient with at least a year's supply of this so they won't have to make frequent trips to the grocery or gardening shop.

Watering Pot - Bonsai plants need frequent watering so it's essential that you include a watering pot in your bonsai kit as well. If the budget allows, include a humidity tray as well so they have options to choose from for watering their bonsai plants.

Lastly, place them all inside a gift box together with a detailed instruction sheet. Voila! You've just built a complete bonsai kit.

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