Flowers May Be One of Nature's Greatest Gifts

by Adriana Notton - Date: 2010-10-10 - Word Count: 554 Share This!

The world is changing. Everywhere you look things are more modernized. Every year there is a new type of TV, microwave, car, and phone. The simple things in life are being updated too. Sending a letter no longer means you have to write it out by hand and go to the post office, now you just start up your computer and type out an email. But the one thing in life that never changes, is the beauty of flowers.

These can be as simplistic as daisies with a dozen white petals and a sunny yellow core. Or they can as intricate in design as a beautiful red rose. And, no matter how much the world changes, flowers stay the same. Yes, new types of flowers are engineered at times, but the basic flower remains the same. A simple act of nature that brightens up an office, brings a smile to a patient's face, and creates a storybook setting for a wedding day.

That is why you see them cut in vases, potted on balconies, and gardens full of many different varieties at homes, office buildings, and parks. It is the easiest way to add color and to create a whole new atmosphere to any setting. They brighten up a dining table, make an office feel friendlier, and just make people feel good.

Using them as gifts has been a popular choice for centuries and young and old realize this. Kids see this when they hand their mother a handpicked bouquet, even if that bouquet came out of her own garden. Husbands see this when they bring a bunch of roses home to show how much they love their wives. And, friends know this when they bring a colorful floral basket to a friend that needs cheering up.

People plant them in gardens for many reasons. Some find gardening relaxing while others see it as a way to be creative. Whatever the reasons, more and more people are gardening and creating beautiful flower beds in their front and back yards. This doesn't only make the home and its surroundings beautiful, but it makes a person feel good to know that they did it with their own two hands.

Plants are another excellent way to create the same atmosphere no matter where they are placed, especially ones that flower. A simple plant in an office makes the place feel alive and adds vitality to an otherwise dull waiting area. Hanging plants are one example of how to add life and color to any setting whether it is in a bay window at home or hanging from the roof over a porch.

Shopping for flowers today is big business. They can be found in supermarkets already cut and ready for the vase. Florists create special arrangements for any occasion, even if it is to just set on the dining table at home. The internet has made it easier to send a floral gift no matter the reason or the area quickly. And, farmer markets with fresh cut and potted ones are a favorite for many.

Everyone needs a little bit of beauty in their life. Everyone needs something to make them smile from time to time. Nature's greatest gift must have been flowers because no matter the occasion, the reason, or the time, they are the one thing that technology cannot replicate or update.

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