Experts At Diy Matters Warn Gardeners To Protect Their Plants From Cold Weather

by Lisa Houghton - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 311 Share This!

For avid gardeners, the looming cold weather can mean tough times ahead.

So, as the new season approaches, experts at DIY Matters are here to help - with some helpful advice for those worried about the harsh conditions wrecking their favourite plants.

Some people might think that slow decaying of their plants symbolically represents the inevitability of death.

That's heavy - and an unhealthy way to look at the effects of the cold.

Instead, gardeners should look at winter as a time for plants to have a rest. Every good childcare provider knows that everyone needs a nap once in a while.

The best thing a gardener can do to prepare them for winter - is to get plants ready for bed.

There are several ways to prepare for winter.

One of the best ways to ensure your garden remains preserved is to use DIY Matters' Frost Protection Fleece, which offers the ultimate defence against cold weather.

This landscaping fabric is a defensive weapon which lets plants breathe while keeping frost, wind and pests at bay.

Ideal for protecting new shoots, spring flowers and newly seeded areas, the Frost Protection Fleece is extremely light - so it allows delicate plants to grow.

The Frost Protection Fleece can wrap around most plants. The specially made material allows air, moisture and light through.

By preparing for cold weather using this kind of landscape fabric, gardening enthusiasts can use winter as a time to rearrange parts of the garden - without worrying about their plants getting damaged.

Transplanting your plants, for example, will do wonders for your garden.

DIY Matters supplies range of landscape fabric, which also includes - weed control fabric and general garden membrane.

Weed membrane and landscaping membrane are vital to maintaining a healthy garden.

DIY Matters was set up as a subsidiary to one of the largest importers of garden fabric in the UK - giving it unique access to some of the world's most effective landscape fabric.

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