When Miniaturizing Your Bonsai Tree

by Patrick Desnoyers - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 452 Share This!

When miniaturizing the bonsai tree, it is important that know how to prune your tree. The major parts of the bonsai that you need to prune well are the foliage or the leaf part of the bonsai and the root part of the plant. Pruning the bonsai is really not just a skill but more of a special kind of art.

It is very important that you as the plant owner should be very careful in the miniaturizing process of your bonsai plant. The leaves of the bonsai are very delicate so the pruning should be done with intricate care. Pruning this top part of the plant is actually the aesthetic part of the miniaturizing process of the bonsai so you really have to be creative when pruning the foliage. Creativity in pruning means you must have a specific shape or form in mind for your bonsai plant and be able to realize it by transforming your plant into the desired shape and presentation. It is also a must that the dead part of the foliage is also removed in order to keep the plant really green and healthy-looking.

The root part of the plant is also pruned. This process is a must because new root parts must be allowed to grow and the bonsai has limited space for its roots as it is grown on small pots or containers. Otherwise, because of the limited space, the new roots might not be able to grow. Growing new roots are vital as it promotes the better absorption by the bonsai of the nutrients and water present in the soil.

When miniaturizing the roots and leaves of the bonsai, remember that this affects the plant as a whole as the two parts are definitely connected to each other. If you prune the roots more than what is needed, the amount of nutrients that can be taken in by the plant might be lessened. Hence, this can greatly affect the bonsai's health. Likewise, pruning of the foliage should be just right enough to eliminate whatever excess pressure from the roots that can be caused by the leaves of the plant.

The outcome of your pruning of the bonsai is dependent mainly on how you want your plant to look in the end. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a firm picture of the plant in its final form and shape. Be careful when already doing the miniaturizing process as whatever part of the roots or branch that you pruned is gone for good. Pruning is a very delicate and time-consuming work. It should not be done in a haphazard way. Perseverance is one quality that you must possess in order to achieve the desired outcome for your bonsai.

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