Halloween Pirate Costumes: Being A Saucy Buccaneer!

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One of the most delightful costumes to wear on Halloween is a pirate costume. Dressing up as a pirate gives you many choices in terms of style and accessories. You can even add a new twist by wearing a sexy pirate costume. You might be a little bit hesitant to dress up in a sexier way than usual. But since Halloween only comes once a year, you need to relax your inhibitions just a bit. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to break out of your shell and be whatever you want to be, even a saucy buccaneer!

When you are putting together a sexy pirate's outfit for Halloween, you are going to have many choices. You can get a pirate costume in just about any color that you want. The color you choose should depend on what kind of pirate you want to be. If you are looking to be a strong pirate, the one in charge, black is a great color. You can get soft black material for your skirt or go even harder with some black leather. A petticoat is also a good addition to your skirt for some extra bounce. Just because you are dressed up as a pirate does not mean that you have to forgo all femininity.

A sassy female pirate needs to have plenty of lace. There are lots of different pirate tops that have big ruffles of lace. Paired with the right skirt in whatever color appeals to your senses, you will come across as a tough and gorgeous lady buccaneer! You cannot forget the necessary pirate accessories. You will need a pirate's hat. Do not worry that you will have a Long John Silver type of hat. Today's high fashion costumes offer hats in different styles, colors and materials that will only enhance your costume.

No pirate costume is considered complete without a sword. You are a pirate and you need to look the part. Finding a realistic toy sword is easy to do and once you have it, your outfit will be almost finished. The last thing you have to decide is if you want stockings or not. Again, this is a personal choice but keep in mind that if you want a sexy look, thigh-high stockings are guaranteed to turn some heads. Add the right balance of makeup for your big night out and you will be transformed into the perfect pirate. If you are feeling a little bit bolder, you can even add a sexy eye-patch!

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