A Guide to Making your Own Handcrafted Pearl Earrings

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Instead of spending thousands of dollars purchasing original designs of handcrafted pearl earrings, why not make one yourself? And if you end up being pretty good at it, you might have unintentionally discovered your best chance of getting wealthy in your own right.

Choosing the Pearls
Before you can create handcrafted pearl earrings, you'll need to complete the required materials and tools for the jobs first. The most important material for handcrafted pearl earrings is naturally the pearls themselves. You have to increase your knowledge of pearls and its different classifications to know which pearls will be within your budget and which ones will blend well together.

White South China Sea Cultured pearls bearing this name have a grayish tinge and also command high prices in the market.
Golden South Sea Prized for its rarity and golden colors, these cultured pearls are in great demand and fetch extremely high prices in the market.
Synthethic Pearls The least expensive of all types of pearls, synthetic pearls are actually artificial pearls only. They are made from plastic or shell and dyed to appear in various colors.
Freshwater Cultured Pearls The price range for this type of pearl greatly depends on its shape and skin or texture.
Chinese Akoya These cultured pearls are affordable as well, of mediocre quality and pinkish white in appearance.
Natural Pearls These pearls are rare to well, and you can generally find them selling only in premier auction houses for huge amounts of money.
Black Sea Primarily harvested in French Polynesia, these cultured pearls are primarily unique because of their black hues.

Designing Handcrafted Pearl Earrings
There are several considerations you should take note of before making your design come to life.

Pearl and Gem Combination If you are going to use a combination of pearls and other gems or stones, make sure that their colors complement each other. Be careful when using pearls with other types of minerals because they're easily scratched and damaged.

Shape, Form, or Symbol When designing handcrafted pearl earrings, you can increase the value of your product by creating earrings that resemble flowers or towers instead of the usual shapes of hearts, stars, and crosses.

Color If you're going to use synthetic pearls for your handcrafted pearl earrings, you should consider dyeing them if changing their color will improve its overall appearance. Of course, make sure that whatever coloring or dyeing material you'll use is one which will have long-lasting results and are definitely non-washable.

Length Short or small sized handcrafted pearl earrings will appeal more to conservative customers while elaborate or lengthy designs will suit a more flamboyant clientele.

Clasp or Lock Do you wish your handcrafted pearl earrings to be worn only by those with pierced ears or do they make use of clasps to allow women without ear piercing to wear them as well?

Buying Materials for Your Handcrafted Pearl Earrings Online
If you intend to purchase most of your supplies especially the pearls themselves from an online store, make sure that you're buying from a reputable seller. Here are several tips to ensure that you won't get conned out of your money when shopping for pearls online.

Does the Store Accept Returns? Be extremely wary of pearl jewelry stores that don't. Sellers who are confident of the quality of their products are generally willing to post generous return policies.

Security of Transaction Make sure that you're transacting with sites that provide adequate security for their clients. They must possess seals of approvals from accredited security organizations.

Customer Support Firstly, the seller or website must provide verifiable contact information. They must at least have a valid email address you can contact. Their response time to your inquiries or complaints must also be quickly and efficiently acted upon.

Product Details and Guarantees If you're shopping online for pearls, make sure that there are complete descriptions provided for each and every product. Full-blown images must accompany these descriptions so you can judge for yourself if what they have to say about the pearls are true.

If, in the end, you have a hard time breathing life to your design for your handcrafted pearl earrings, consider hiring a professional and commissioning him to complete the task for you instead.

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