Bridesmaid Dresses Can Be Beautiful And Still Not Outshine The Bride!

by Sarah H - Date: 2007-01-22 - Word Count: 448 Share This!

In the past bridesmaids were never included in the selection of their dresses, this was always done by the bride. In these modern times it is becoming more popular for the bride to choose her dress fabric and color and then allow each individual bridesmaid to choose a dress style that would complement their figure. In this instance the bridesmaids are certain to get the dress that suits their individual personality and are most likely to wear it at some other function, unlike the traditional bridesmaid's dresses which were usually so ugly both in color and style that the bridesmaid would never consider wearing it ever again.

Brides and bridesmaids dresses should be designed to complement each other, one feeding off the other, but of course the brides dress would definitely be more elaborate because no one should outshine her on her special day. The bridesmaid's dresses should be attractive both in color and style as these ladies will be playing a very important role in the ceremony and are certain to attract a lot of attention, both for their part in the ceremony and also for their personal friendship with the other guests. Also, you don't want your wedding pictures spoiled by a bridesmaid who looks out of place or unhappy.

It is a good idea for each bridesmaid to choose her individual style of preference, because she is most certainly going to choose a style that she knows she will be comfortable in and will certainly enhance her personality. She not only gets to choose the dress style but also accessories such as shoes, bags and so on, and since she is the one who is paying for the dress she will know what sort of price range she will be able to handle and so choose the appropriate style to suit her pocket as well as her personal style.

Bridesmaids are usually friends of the bride or maybe a sister or some other family member, and when you are asked to be a bridesmaid it is considered an honor, that is why it is becoming the norm for them to be included in helping the bride to choose her dress and also the bridesmaids dresses. When all the bridesmaids are included in this decision, they also get to decide on the style, color and fabric that they would prefer. One final note, the bridesmaids should look their prettiest but not too pretty as to look prettier than the bride on her day. Do choose attractive jewelry and fancy shoes to match your dress, get your hair done and your face made up by a professional, make the bride proud that she has chosen you to be her bridesmaid.

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