Botoxed and Proud: Why More People Are Coming Out of the Cosmetic Procedure Closet

by Gill Grozier - Date: 2010-11-19 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

There was a time when those of us who accepted a little 'extra help' in the beauty department did so under the metaphorical cover of darkness. Surgical enhancements and lifts were frowned upon, and even those who had undergone a Botox treatment dared not speak its name.

But now it seems that more and more of us are getting comfortable with cosmetic procedures. Those previously furrowed, disapproving brows are now mysteriously wrinkle-free, as we collectively emerge from the 'Cosmetic Procedure Closet'.

So why has this liberation been so long in coming? Traditionally, cosmetic procedures were all tarred with the same suspicious brush. Some viewed the whole industry as an attempt to 'cheat' ageing, and to gain an unfair beauty advantage over others. Linked to this is the assumption many still make; that cosmetic treatments are the sole preserve of the rich and famous. However, we know that this is no longer true; a massive amount of business in the beauty industry actually comes from 'ordinary' people.

Another worry of course, particularly in the early days of the cosmetic revolution, was the fear of the 'botched job'.

Many cite this as their main concern when considering any treatment or procedure. Fortunately, the industry has come a long way. Legitimate cosmetic practitioners and surgeons are governed by regulatory bodies and standards watchdogs, ensuring that all procedures are carried out according to the best industry standards. This is why if you are considering a procedure, you should always choose a reputable and established clinic and avoid the unregulated 'black market'. Always check out whether your chosen practitioner is listed on the Treatments You Can Trust register, before going ahead.

With a boom in the number of health and beauty clinics springing up all over the country, it's no wonder that we have shed the shame. It seems to boil down to the age-old argument, 'Everybody's doing it'. In the same way that once novel beauty treatments such as the spray-tan and the bikini wax have become a normal part of life, the procedures that were once only available to a few are now on offer to the many. The 'Botox lunch' is now a reality, with professionals using their spare hours to take advantage of the variety of short and simple treatments to be had.

Another interesting development is the growing number of men who are opting for not only minor treatments such as Botox, but also facelifts and other surgical enhancements. Health and beauty clinics attribute this upsurge to a greater social acceptability and a growing security about taking advantage of age-defying cosmetic treatments. Put simply, looking good is no longer a solely female enterprise, with more and more men getting in on the act.

So where are we now? It seems that in the long march towards cosmetic freedom, we have taken huge leaps and bounds. Gone are the days of hiding away after surgery, and gone are the days of denying our Botox. Nowadays, we can stride proudly into the office after our lunch break, smooth-faced and not shame-faced. It seems the closet is open for good.

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