Menopause Natural Solutions

by Sarah Thomas - Date: 2006-11-10 - Word Count: 344 Share This!

As women age, they go have to go through menopause. The most common discomfort during this stage is the sensation of heat that attacks a person without warning. This is known as hot flashes. There are many who try to find natural remedies to address this issue.

A woman I know who supervised a group in the psychology field was undergoing menopause. She would have to stop what she was doing for a moment and she said that she felt her skin was on fire.

This sensation didn't go as fast as it came but gradually lessened. She felt it affected her work so she decided to find a natural way to relieve the discomfort so she could concentrate on her work. Here are some of the solutions she came up with.

She wanted some preventative steps to keep the hot flashes to a minimum. Since she was a behavioral specialist she decided to figure out what happens before the experience as part of her research.

She found out that stress was an important factor. As a person who had to deal with a lot of stress, the behavioral specialist had to come up with ways to deal with it. One of her methods was to plan daily activities.

She organized her schedule so that all the stress filled tasks were in the morning while it was cool and she gave herself a lot of time to get ready for appointments. The specialist would keep ice nearby at all times and sometimes she could be found with her head in the freezer which she found to be one of her best methods to fight hot flashes.

Another of her favorite remedies was to pay attention to how she dressed. She would layer her clothing, wear items with an open neck, and stick to cotton as things like synthetics and wool don't breathe.

Changing your habits a little may help you as well. Things like avoiding spicy food, cutting down on coffee and giving up cigarettes may relieve menopause symptoms. These remedies will work and they don't cost any money to start.

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