How To Choose The Perfect Birthday Gift

by Richard Davies - Date: 2006-12-18 - Word Count: 290 Share This!

In order to choose the right birthday gift, you really need to know the person that will be celebrating. Unless you know that, you're really guessing. Try to get an idea of the kind of things they like and what they do in their everyday lives in order to know what they would probably like as a birthday gift.

Also knowing what they don't like can be a great start. For instance, if they don't have pets at home, then buying something pet related is not going to be a great gift.

Typical Starters Checklist For Creating Birthday Gift Ideas:

Are they married?
Do they have children?
Do they have pets?
What are their hobbies?
What sports do they like?
Are they interested in cars?
Are they interested in other cultures?

Once you know what the person actually likes, you can then start planning what gift they will truly appreciate. If a gift reflects someone's personality, is personalized or both, they will notice ! As long as you are concentrating on the receiver and not 'just' the gift itself, you can't go far wrong.

A good idea is to choose a birthday gift that will enhance one of their hobbies or favourite activities. As an example, if the person likes listening to music, visit a store and find a great cd player or something they don't have, like an ipod shuffle. You can wear these on your jacket - they are ultra light and look like a fashion accessory, yet have the potential to store around 100 of your favourite songs.

Other typical hobbies may include things such as gardening, sports, art and playing a musical instrument such as the guitar. You get the picture! Now start researching so you can come up with that perfect birthday gift.

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