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Voicenotes converting meeting notes from your mobile to a pc in minutes! With Voicenotes you can leave a meeting note or reminder (from your mobile) and it is converted to text and will be emailed to your pc, mac or Blackberry within 20 minutes. Pitched at the financial services market, for those conducting external face to face meetings where you need to leave a follow up or short message while on the move. Totally new and unique product - a must have!

Communication system that allows busy (sales) people or those who are always in meetings or on the go to leave a short note after a meeting/when just met someone at a networking conference and need to remember details/aid-memoire anything that they need to remember, to record a meeting note/summary from their mobile which is converted to text, emailed to their pc/blackberry. It's like having a permenant record of your thoughts, can also set a reminder to follow up.

Sales professionals and their companies lose significant economic value from potential business arising out of external face-to-face meetings simply because being out of the office makes capturing contemporaneous data and meeting notes too difficult.

Two million meetings take place every day in the UK and, particularly within the financial services industry, person-to-person selling remains the preferred method for effecting high ticket sales. This preference is fueled in part by technology: more than 600,000 sales professionals have been issued with Blackberry handsets or equivalents that let them access their email on the go and keep in touch with clients and prospects, and this number is set to triple within two years.

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See http://www.voicenotes.co.uk for more details.

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