Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

by Karen Golob - Date: 2007-04-23 - Word Count: 230 Share This!

I recently read about a business philosophy that is starting to become a popular water cooler topic and it relates to disruptive and aggressive staff members.

From what I understand, if an employee exhibits abusive and disruptive behavior in their workplace, there might not be alternatives, such as anger management courses offered. The most productive way in which to intervene in working with these types of situations is to introduce an individualized program of tutoring which educates the employee in stress management, communication skills, anger management and emotional intelligence (EQ). This has been proven to be the most effective intervention of choice.

How well a supervisor interacts with his colleagues lays the ground work for how competent and influential his or her co-workers manage the tasks at hand. This social interaction constitutes a defining characteristic of that supervisor's emotional intelligence.

If the supervisor is not competent and does not have the tools to lead without an aggressive edge, do you serve him his "pink slip"…in other words, "Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater". What a shame! What a loss to the entire team. Everyone has just lost the chance to enhance staff productivity and interpersonal relations, because no one has been given the chance to learn how to improve and enhance communication, as well as learn how to be a role model using effective management skills that encourage a more productive staff.

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Karen Golob, CAMF, CDC, CH
Certified Anger Management Provider and Executive Coach
Beverly Hills, CA

Karen Golob, CAMF, CDC, CH, owner of Anger Management Services, is a Certified Anger Management and Certified Executive Coaching professional helping individuals gain self-awareness, identify and develop strengths, and learn how to problem-solve in order to manage life's challenges. She offers private sessions that provide confidentiality, individual attention and anonymity. Her curriculum is based on the Anderson & Anderson model.

Karen is a Fellow of the American Assoc. of Anger Management Providers, a member of the National & California Assoc. of Drug and Alcohol Counselors, the American Counseling Assoc., and Speaker's Bureau of Olive View/UCLA Medical Centers. She has a diverse and expansive background in teaching, training, public speaking and counseling.

Karen receives referrals from the Calif. Superior Courts, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers, mental health professionals and those in the corporate and private sectors. She holds Certifications in Chemical Dependency Counseling, Anger Management, Executive Coaching and Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.

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