Education, The Reality Behind Getting A College Scholarship or College Grant

by Jon Arnold - Date: 2008-08-17 - Word Count: 610 Share This!

You need to come face to face with the reality that a college education is expensive, and you are going to have a very difficult financial time paying for that college education without a college scholarship or grant. That is reality and the sooner you realize that, the better off you will be to do what you need to do to lessen that huge financial burden.

Let's also face another reality - skipping the college education is definitely not an option! In today's very competitive job market, having that college degree is something that is going to keep you in the race for being given that job, and without the degree, there is just too much competition to take you seriously.

College scholarship and college grants are the best way to go to lessen the major financial impact that a college education brings. Even if you can afford the costs today with a student loan, a student loan is something that needs to be paid back, even if the payback period doesn't start until after you graduate. So with a student loan, you can get your education and get your degree, but how much help is that really going to be for you if you have $30,000 or more of debt after you graduate that you now need to start making payments on? You really don't need that kind of pressure, especially at that point when you are looking for a job to get your career started.

But there is something that you need to be aware of that a surprising number of people are not aware of, and that is that there is a virtual ton of college scholarships and grants available to virtually anyone! With a scholarship or grant, you do not need to pay it back after you graduate. It does not get any better than that!

The very surprising fact is that there is also a truckload of college scholarships and college grants that go unawarded each year, and in some cases, every semester. There are many companies out there willing to give a scholarship or a grant but a huge number of these go unawarded for the very simple reason that nobody applied for them!

Can you get more than one scholarship or grant? Yes! The students who realize how this game is played frequently are awarded several, and in some cases, even several dozen of them. How much would it help you and allow you to focus on your college education if you knew that your tuition was taken care of, your books were taken care of, and maybe even your dorm or apartment expenses covered via a few scholarships or grants?

Note that contrary to years past, many scholarships and grants are not based solely or even primarily on financial need. If you think you make too much money to be awarded a scholarship for your son or daughter in college, think again. In many cases, all it takes is to apply for the scholarship, and if you are the only one who applies and follows their simple rules, guess who that scholarship gets awarded to? You!

If you have money coming out your back side, then this information is not for you. But if you are looking for ways to defray the high cost of a college education, you owe it to yourself to start applying for college scholarships and college grants, starting today. For more insights and additional information on how you can get a College Scholarship and College Grant as well as several places where you can start applying for scholarships and grants, please visit our web site at

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