How To Get Viral Exposure To Your Business Now!

by Frank Bruno - Date: 2006-11-06 - Word Count: 724 Share This!

I wanted to let all of you know about a new social network that you can use to get viral exposure to your products/services immediately.

I'm sure most of you have heard about Internet Marketers using social networks like MYSpace and others to tap into wallets of prospective buyers. Heck some of you may be using this technique now.

But what if I told you that there was a new Social Network that has recently been dubbed "The new MYSpace for business" A Social Network that is highly targeted only available to entrepreneurs where you can meet new friends, develop new business contacts, build relationships with them, get viral exposure to your business, and never be banned for including your business details, products/services or web link?

But what if I told you that this new social network would also pay you while you build your network and invite others! After all wouldn't it be fair that you get paid while your building the user base of the social network? You bet it is!

Rob Clark, Creator of had this to say- "I got tired of hearing about people trying to penetrate Myspace or other social networks to promote their products/services only to learn that they are getting banned or their profiles deleted because they violated their terms and conditions for "commercial use".

So my idea was to develop a social network where a user will never be banned because they included their business information, products/services, or website in their profiles but in a professionally controlled environment.

But I also wanted to offer more to the users. I wanted to put a "Spin" on it in a big way.

And that is why I also made my social network free to join but capable of paying the users a 50% commission when they invited others into their network who later chose to upgrade their accounts. An incentive that has been very motivating and is creating a buzz online evident by the hundreds that have signed up just within a few days.

Rob also says that you don't have to worry about getting spammed like in other social networks because each user can control how they are contacted within the network.

He also said that you can send announcements to your personal network about various events you can create within your account such as sales events, webinars, podcasts, teleseminars, viewing videos, etc. And guess what? You can actually earn money from the event ticket sales that you can create from your account! (If you choose to set event as fee and not free)

Think about the power of this for a minute?

You post your event in the BizFriendz Social network. Example: sales event of a product/service at your website that you offer for 50% off. You set the description, date and time, etc. of the sales event and post it live under "events" in the social network for everyone else in the entire BizFriendz network to see, attracting more people to your event. Then you also send out a bulletin or announcement to your BizFriendz network of people informing them of your sales events.

However if you choose to charge a small fee for the event tickets you created you then can eliminate the "tire kickers" and essentially pre-qualifying users as buyers. Increasing your conversions dramatically and making a few extra dollars in the process.

Of course there are too many scenarios of how selling tickets to your events can benefit you, but you get the picture.

Rob's social network does have many, many more features and other ways you can leverage the system to increase your exposure for your business. Features like forums, instant messaging, personal mail center, groups that you can join-or create and moderate, listings where you can sell things like- domain names,websites, computers, or post a job, etc., keyword Hyper link searching technology, JV matching system (coming soon) and much ,much, more…....

Evident by the scores of new profiles listed on the pre-launch site there's an obvious frenzy. Maybe it's from the $800 in pre-signup bonuses? Or the $3,951.98 in prizes for the "top 5" referrers contest? The countdown timer and the flash audio player are pretty cool though too!

Or maybe business owners are signing up in droves because there are no other social networks that have these powerful features or incentives to help you grow your business and drive your sales through the roof! Entrepreneur Social Network

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