Badder Adder Review

by Gen Mason - Date: 2006-11-05 - Word Count: 399 Share This!

Myspace marketing is the new thing if you haven't noticed lately. It is so simple to go and request lots of friends and just start sending mass messages, bulletins, and comments. It is really a great way to start viral marketing.

It is really not that hard at all – and it works. The only problem is adding the friends and sending messages, comments, and bulletins takes a damn long time if you do it by hand.

I am a programmer myself and I was planning on making my own tool for it because I had used 2 other Myspace friend adder programs and they were garbage.

However, being in a mastermind group I found out about a launch of a new product called Badder Adder by Michelle MacPhearson.

So, I figured I'd go try it out since there was a free demo. That's where I started to get upset. I started the Badder Adder demo and the program never came up on the screen.

So I started reading around on some forums about it and I found out that I had to start closing off some of my other programs to make it work.

It turned out the culprit was AOL Instant Messenger! Right when I closed AIM the program loaded up fine. (As of October 26, 2006 this bug has been fixed and I can use AIM at the same time…)

Right out of the box Badder Adder worked like a charm. Following Michelle's easy instructional videos I started adding around 300 friends to each of 10 Myspace accounts that I had created. By the morning I had a new total of 1400 friends and only 12 hours had gone by (people might not have logged in yet…)

That is 1200 new people that I selected from niche markets that I can sell items to, promote a band to, promote a website, anything. Quick tip: Use an attractive female on your Myspace profiles, the friend requests accept rate goes up substantially.

Anyway, being a programmer I normally don't recommend anyone else's programs because I would just make them myself – and better…however Michelle's Badder Adder is definitely one exception.

I would recommend that you send less than 300 friend requests per account per day on Myspace. Myspace frowns upon the use of bots to add more friends but people still do it however. If you stay under the 300 limit your account should stay in good standing.

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