Take Your Website Promotion to the Next Level Using a Killer Viral Marketing Tactic

by Murtuza Abbas - Date: 2007-01-06 - Word Count: 567 Share This!

The most powerful website promotion and traffic building strategy in this internet world is viral marketing.

Viral marketing helps to spread your name and website link to hundreds of places online. This tactic requires some initial push, once done in a right format, applying some creative tactics, will spread like a virus with the help of real humans.

The most important benefit of using this tactic is that other people in your niche get involved promoting your site along with you.

Just imagine, having hundreds or even thousands of websites promoting your website all day long helping you to make more sales and attract more leads.

But this tactic requires some initial push to get these real humans motivated to spread your website link. You need to give them a good bait to do this or else they will not be interested in helping you to take your viral marketing to the next level.

In this article you will learn a simple but extremely powerful viral marketing tactic, when applied with creativity, has the power to shoot your internet business success through the roof.

Here YOU Go...

Step 1 - Create a Killer Mini-eBook.

With the word killer I mean that the ebook you create should be of very high quality.

If your ebook is not upto the quality mark then the viral marketing concept will not work. Therefore make sure that you keep your ebook quality extremely high.

Step 2 - Insert Your Links in the Ebook.

Make sure that your website link is present on all the pages of the ebook. The first page of the ebook should contain your website description as well as a brief introduction about yourself.

This will make sure that your main product links and affiliate links are spreaded around your ebook. Here's one more tactic, insert your links in the general flow of the text in the ebook where you feel that your niche keyword or phrase exists. This leads to high click through ratio.

Step 3 - Make Your Ebook Viral.

Allow your ebook readers to insert their affiliate link of your products and services in the ebook. This will make sure that they will earn money from every link in your ebook.

Also allow them to add their name and a small 3 line advertisement of their website on the front page of the ebook.

This will help them to get free advertisement for their website through your ebook. This type of ebook branding can be done by many softwares in the market.

You can brand pdf as well as exe ebooks and allow your visitors to spread them.

Step 4 - Give Resell and Distribution Rights to Your Ebook.

Give all your visitors free resell and distribution rights to your ebook. This will allow them to either sell or distribute your ebook from their website.

Why will they do this?

The simple reason is that they will make money if they sell your products and services through your ebook and your ebook will also help them to get some free advertisement for their website.

You have given them 2 powerful baits and convinced them to spread your ebook all around.

After few days or months your ebook will turn viral and will spread all around the net. You will see your ebook on every corner of the web if your ebook is of high quality.

This will help you to increase your website traffic from just one time effort.

Apply the above 4 step system and see your traffic counter explode in few short months.

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