The Single Biggest Reason Why Most Internet Marketers Fail

by Richard Taylor - Date: 2008-09-27 - Word Count: 472 Share This!

Have you ever wondered why some marketers seem able to make big bucks all the time, yet the majority fail to make more than a few dollars?

Well I spent three years scratching my head for the answer, and then a few months ago I started to understand why I wasn't getting the same results as the top marketers.

For a number of years I'd spent my time reading all the "best" ebooks on internet marketing and applied all the techniques and tips that I learnt. But the thousands of visitors and hundreds of sales never materialised. Were all the ebooks I read promoting methods that simply don't work?

Well actually no, the methods in most of the ebooks and courses I've read do work. The problem is as follows.

The majority of marketers apply the techniques they learn on a very small scale but expect to see large scale results! When you stand back and think about it, you can clearly see that this is a strategy doomed to fail.

The only way you can expect to put a little in and pull a lot out with internet marketing is if you can incorporate a really, and I mean "really" viral component into your strategy. Otherwise if you implement small you will only see small results.

So the answer is to think big, and to think viral. That's easily said but how do you do it?

First of all stop doing what all unsuccessful marketers do, and that is to not try and do everything yourself! We've all been guilty of it and until you stop you will never make it big!

While your writing and submitting a single article to drive traffic to your new product, the top guys would be employing writers to produce the articles and use a paid distribution service to create hundreds of links from it. With the time they saved outsourcing that whole process, they'd be talking to other high traffic, big list marketers about joint venture opportunities or placing paid adverts in the top ezines in their niches.

The top guys outsource the routine tasks and spend their time on the tasks with the most potential, that tasks that could result in a flood of traffic!

You have to think big. To get rich you need big traffic. You have to outsource your content creation and find opportunities to leverage other people's traffic.

In terms of thinking virally, you need to create content that people will want to tell others about, or find a way to reward people for spreading the word on your behalf. Joint ventures and affiliate schemes achieve the viral effect to some degree, but to be truly viral you need to be creative with your content.

The bottom line is, to make a lot of money marketing online, you need to think big and spend money on outsourcing, automating and joint venturing!

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