How To Train Your Puppy To Respond To His Name

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After you have set a name for your new puppy, teach him to associate it with himself. The goal here is for the dog to know that you will use that name to get his attention. Whatever he is doing, he could be playing or sitting in a corner, but once you call him by that name, he should turn and run towards you.

Teaching your pet puppy to respond accordingly to his name is, in fact, basic in training your dogs with such commands as stay, sit, come, or roll. You will not be able to train your puppy successfully with these if he is not focusing on you. This is exactly why calling or commanding your dogs by their names is important.

In every thing that you want your puppy to do, start the command by his name. Whether it is a call for eating time, or for bathing time, call him by his name. This way you are teaching the puppy to be familiar with the sound of his name. In addition, he also learns to associate his name with a command. After he gets used to this habit, he will run to you every time you call him by his name.

Using rewards is helpful if you want to train your dog effectively in responding to his name. But aside from rewards, you must make sure that you associate his name with good and pleasurable things. Never get his attention with his name to remind him that he chewed your sandals. Situations like this register a bad notion in the dog's mind, believing that every call of his name is a time for being told "back off". Also, do not spank or punish your dog if he does not respond to you right away. It is a step-by-step process, so be patient in teaching your dog to react to his name.

Again, rewards are helpful so always keep treats handy. Since puppies often get distracted by other objects, it is okay to use a leash during your training. This way, you have full control of your puppy and he cannot wander off.

It will also help if you call his name in a happy and relaxed tone. A loud and angry voice may sound threatening to him. Say it joyfully and praise him with words, such as "good boy" or "nice puppy". Training your dog to respond to his name the right way takes time, just be consistent and persistent. Remember to say his name in a happy and gentle manner, reward him for every successful response, and associate his name with happy situations only.

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