Setting Goals That Motivate Staff in Organizations

by Daryl Des Marais - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 532 Share This!

In today's world of work it seems to be harder to motivate younger people in achieving company goals or motivating younger workers. There are different groups of people in today's workforce depending on generational upbringing and cultural influences.

A lot of the younger generation today want things at a quicker pace and seem to be a instant gratification society. This may not lend well to older generations that are used to long-term planning and lengthy development to achieve required goals through hard-work. There is an opportunity and a solution to assist the groups expand their business in working together. Three things that are essential to developing these people and your business are shorter strategy timeline planning sessions, reward match and employee recognition.

Shorter strategy timeline sessions include having shorter growth plans for your business. The usual 1, 5, 10 year plan may not be as effective anymore. The global competition and greater local competition results in having more changes occur in a shorter period of time in today's business world.

Change comes quicker in regards to market development, niche strategy or sales development. Needs from local customer can change sooner and more drastically. In order to better prepare for this you need to design shorter term plans, plans that are also based on weeks and or months. This also gives an opportunity for younger workers to break down goals into sizeable bites and achieve goals more on a project by project basis that helps them gain confidence in themselves and the company they are working in.

Many corporate businesses and other businesses have done this for years having quarterly goals etc., but now you need to be more responsive to local market scarcities. This is where the opportunity to expand is, if you can quickly adjust to go after a certain target market. Some people now implement 1 week, 6 week and six month plans. Change is inevitable, but the rate of change is quicker, in part due to the global economy and also technology advancements.

Secondly, reward match has become more important because younger people and adults general respond positively to rewards. Doing so more often gives them more of an incentive to stay in one company or one department that gives them opportunities to sense a feeling of accomplishment in their regular work days. This may also be helpful as the stability in outside forces may not be as regular as used to be or as well accepted. You may be pleasantly surprised that rewards will be a good tool for your business, company expansion and employee development.

Thirdly, employee recognition can be a positive factor in helping to contribute to not only employee self-confidence but recognition amongst their peers in the business. It is also a good way to develop habits and reinforce the business culture you desire in seeking to achieve your business goals.

These three things;shorter strategy timeline planning sessions, reward match and employee recognition will assist you in developing your business for the future. It does take an amount of planning and time commitment but can help assist you by preventing several headaches in the future. For more information of employee development take a look at our business tips section. Enjoy your week!

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