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by Matthew Phipps - Date: 2008-10-08 - Word Count: 621 Share This!

From The Marina Village to The Holiday Inn in downtown San Diego there are thousands of Christmas or Holiday parties taking place every year in this beautiful county. The majority of the Christmas parties are for companies and corporations that are wanting to reward their employee's in the holiday season, by having a nice get together with co-workers and spouses for some fine dining and dancing.

Having a Christmas party is easy, fun and most of all it is rewarding for everyone involved. You can easily plan your Holiday party and ensure that it is a success! There are some basic guidelines that will help you on your journey to planning the party they'll talk about all year long.

First, you'll have to pick a venue or banquet room within your budget. Do you want something extremely elegant and fancy, or do you want something a little more humble so you can spend the budget elsewhere? You'll have to find something that fits your needs. An example would be if you are planning on having a photo slide show, will the room have a screen in it or will you have to rent one? You might want to find a banquet room that is centrally located or somewhere reasonable to get to for all of the employees or people coming to the party.

Second, you will need to find your entertainment. Having a magician is often a lot of fun and will create some laughter which usually helps in breaking the ice amongst employees. A professional emcee and DJ is also a very important aspect in planning a party as there will be someone there to make announcements and Emcee the party.

If you plan to have speeches or a slide show at the party, you will have a professional sound system with a microphone for announcements. This is essential in making the party seem as professional as your workplace. Remember that a nice toast either right when you walk in the door, or right before dinner, is essential to inviting your guests into a relaxed environment you are trying to create. Many people have a hard time enjoying themselves in the presence of co-workers so you should make it your goal to avoid this.

There are a handful of professional DJ companies that actually offer planning forms for your party, which will help in creating a time line or itinerary for your event. This way everyone is on the same page and the party follows some professional arrangement -- this could be the difference in your co-workers going home early or sticking around and enjoying the food, drinks and entertainment you have provided them.

Lastly you will need to coordinate the events that will take place at the Holiday Party. Are you going to give away awards? When are you going to do this? Are you going to have the CEO come up and give a speech? A "white elephant" or "gift exchange" is also a very popular event to have at a Holiday party but if you do this remember you are going to need some additional time than the standard four hour package as this can sometimes take up to an entire hour if you have a decent number of guests.

As mentioned above, if you have a planning form or itinerary that is decided on prior to the event there is nothing to worry about and the party should go as you have planned. Some companies even find that having Karaoke for your co-workers and friends is a great way to break the ice and ensure that they have a great time!

With this knowledge you should be able to throw a successful Christmas or Holiday party in San Diego County. Get started!

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Matt Phipps is a San Diego Wedding DJ and is the owner operator of Choice Entertainment DJ Services. He makes his living working in Southern California and San Diego as a San Diego DJ

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