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by Julie Springer - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 361 Share This!

At the end of the day, Google is just a machine with its every process determined by an algorithm. Its current algorithm decides the ranking of an indexed page based on its keyword density, quality of content and the number of links referring visitors to your site. To generate more visitors for your site as well as a higher ranking in search queries try the following:

1. Acquire inbound links from sites that rank higher than yours:

A: Find a well-visited forum and open a membership. Begin posting with a link to your site included in your signature box. Every time a visitor views a thread your link will be displayed.

B: Find a well-visited free articles site. Write an article, and submit it to their database. Include a link to your website in the allotted resource box. Every time a visitor searches for a topic relevant to your article, your work will appear and every time a visitor reads it, your link will be displayed. Encourage your article viral - the potential to generate more inbound links at an exponential rate.

2. Look for a site that is related to yours. Send the webmaster a testimonial about his products, if he is selling any, or about the content of his site. The webmaster may publish your testimonial, and as a courtesy, may add a link to your site.

3. Look for high traffic sites that sell products. Write reviews about them and post the same to your site or blog. Send the webmasters a link to your reviews, they may thank you with a link in return.readers to distribute your article for as long as they retain the resource box. This is critical in making

4. Do some reciprocal linking - publishing another site's link in exchange for the site publishing yours.

5. Subscribe to as many free directory listings and free advertising sites as you can find. They provide easy one-way links.

6. Consider paying for directory listings and advertising sites.

7. Publish quality content. If you populate your site with original information, you may not have to look for links anymore, as webmasters would be knocking at your door asking if they could link their pages to your site.

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