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If you own a website or are an affiliate marketer you know just how important SEO is. For the others who are not too sure about what SEO is, read on. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of things that most people do which helps their website or blog feature high in the Search Engines. The higher the ranking, the more likely that people will click through to their website.

Visibility Increases with SEO:

The fact is that most people will click through to the first few results and make their choice out of these sites. They may check out page two but they will most likely not go to the third, fourth or fifth page of the results. So it is the task of SEO to bring your website onto the first page of results. That way the online visibility of your firm or blog or website increases. So if you are a business providing a service, with the right SEO you can ensure you will at least be seen by a prospective customer looking online for a service provider. Web marketing depends on SEO for this visibility.

Traffic Increases to the Website:

Naturally as a byproduct of being on the first page of the search engine results you will get a lot more clicks coming in to your website. Your job now is to ensure that they stay on your website and don't push off to your competition. Web design development will play a part in this. The design of your site should be user friendly. It should seek to answer the unasked queries that your customers will have. The more transparent the working of the site the better chance you have of keeping the potential client's interest and converting that interest to a sale.

Conversion is Higher with Targeted Keywords:

If a person wrote 'swimming pool in Michigan' in a search engine and another one wrote 'build pool in Michigan' which one do you think is going to help you make a sale if you provide pool construction services? People go for a number of keywords for optimization without realizing that some of them will convert better than others. Why waste your time with keywords that are not targeted to a specific need and thus a potential buyer? Choose your keywords with care and you will be able to drive far more targeted leads to your website.

This is a long drawn process and some professional help can be sought if you are a newbie. It is well worth getting the help that you need because it tends to pay for itself as the sales add up. SEO can make or break your online business and that is why it is so important to pay attention to it.

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