Advertising Articles - How To Overload Your Website Traffic For Free Part 9

by JABARI WHITEHALL - Date: 2010-08-18 - Word Count: 519 Share This!

The more traffic you can create, the bigger the presence your website would have on the internet. More traffic would allow you to successfully market a product, and grow a brand or help more people become aware of your websites existence. Add a Forum to your site. If you add a forum it would give your visitors something else to do while on your website, as it would create a place for them to express themselves. They can also invite their friends to check out the forum, therefore increasing website traffic. Create "lenses" on Squidoo. A lense is an overview page about a specific topic. So you can create lenses relating to the topics dealt with on your website. In the lenses you can include links to your site. These links would allow you to gain new traffic from squidoo. Create a "hub" on HubPages. Creatin hubs is similar to creating lenses, as they allow you to create hubs about specific topics related to the content on your website and you also would be allowed to leave links to your website on the hub. This would help you to gain lots of traffic from hubpages. Answer to questions on Yahoo! Answers. If you look at the questions on Yahoo! Answers come up with the answers you can also leave a link to your site in the answers or even leave a link to content which would be able to answer questions from Yahoo! Answers. Answer to questions on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Answers is similar to Yahoo Answers as you would be able to answer questions and post links to your site or also use links to content on your site in order to answer questions. LinkedIn answers is a free promotional tool, which would allow you to increase website traffic. Submit your site to web directories. Web directories are like yellow pages for the internet which allow people to know the best websites for certain content, so if you are ranked on a directory, you would be able to get some extra traffic from the directory. Submit your blog to blog directories. A blog directory is similar to a web directory, and would give you the same results and exposure. Submit content to article directories. If you submit articles to article directories you would be able to create traffic to your website when they allow you to provide links to your website. Exchange links. If you exchange links with other websites you would be able to gain traffic from their website visitors.Use ad swaps. Ad swaps work the same way as exchanging links, as you are placing your ads on someone elses site and they are placing theirs on yours. The exposure from their site would increase your website traffic. If you follow all of these tips you would be able to increase your website traffic many times over, which would allow your website and brand to grow in general, so that you would have better opportunities to be more profitable.

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