The Single Most Important Aspect Of Website Promotion

by Christer Edwards - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 391 Share This!

The question very regularly comes up concerning the most effective ways to bring traffic to a website. What is the single most important aspect for website promotion? Is there just one? Does it require many different ingredients? I feel that there is one key aspect to any website that will do more to promote it than anything else.

The best method of promoting a website is the website itself. Useful content and helpful information. The site needs to be well organized and offer a clear layout and navigation. Is it easy to find the content and is the content unique? If the content is duplicated from elsewhere there is no unique reason to visit. If it is not well organized your visitors will lose patience. If the content isn't helpful you're not fulfilling the very purpose of the website.

Some argue that the offsite optimization is the best method. Link building. Syndication. Google. Yahoo. Search engine optimization. The list goes on and on. My argument is that you could have a billion inbound links, be listed in the best directories, syndicate your content across the globe but if your content or service is worthless it wont matter.

You'll find links all the time with catchy titles, flashy advertisements or promises of promotional services or prices, but if the content or the site doesn't fulfill this promise it doesn't do any good. No matter what methods you've used it doesn't make a difference if the site isn't organized, professional or has unique content.

Think about SPAM or standard mail marketing. These groups use mass marketing using every method they can think of. Bottom line? Nobody cares because their product or service is garbage. You don't bother visiting the links overflowing from your SPAM folder. You probably have a special round bin specifically for all of those advertisements that come in the mail as well.

If you truly want to promote your website. If you truly want to bring in volumes of traffic it will all depend on what your site has to offer. Make the content useful. Make the content unique. Create content that no one else has and everything else will fall in place. Your visitors will advertise for you by sharing links. Your customers will continue to return to the site to find what more you have to offer. It all comes down to content.

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Christer Edwards is a search engine optimization and ebay selling consultant. Current projects include the Utah Internet Marketing blog and eBay selling tips eBook.

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